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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 410

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 410

But…there was no reason for Oliver to buy her anything!

Diana was about to refuse when Fanny continued, “Consider this my investment, just that my brother is
paying for it.”

The more Oliver listened, the more a strange feeling grew in his heart.

“Fanny, are you sure there’s nothing wrong with your brain?”

She had repeatedly referred to him as her brother; he was close to having goosebumps if she did it a
few more times.

“You’ve always wanted me to acknowledge you that way, didn’t you?” Fanny said, quickly seeing
through his thoughts. “Now that I’m doing it, you’re saying there’s something wrong with me? Ugh!
You’re the one with a problem, okay?”

After saying that, Fanny pushed them into a luxury brand shop.

“Come on, let’s pick out some clothes first!”

Then, she turned to Oliver and asked, “Are you paying or not?”

Oliver laughed in a helpless manner. “Didn’t you say it just now? You invest, and I foot the bill. Of
course I’ll pay.”

Even with the sunglasses blocking her eyes, Diana could tell that there was a glint of mirth in Fanny’s

Diana couldn’t help but look back and forth between Fanny and Oliver. The more she did, the more she
was sure she was overthinking. Strangely enough, the two of them….looked like they matched each
other perfectly.

Even though they were siblings, she recalled that Fanny was adopted. There shouldn’t be a problem,

Judging by Oliver’s behavior, however, it seemed he didn’t really understand this.

Fanny, too…appeared to be the same.

She also seemed to have the intention to push Diana toward Oliver.

Was there a pair of lovers as oblivious as them in this world?

Diana let out a laugh at the thought.

At this time, Diana had just changed into a white top and cropped pants that Fanny had picked for her.
As she walked out of the fitting room, her black hair fell on her back like a cascading waterfall. Coupled
with her gentle smile and fair, delicate skin, she looked like an angel descended from heaven.

Fanny had seen her fair share of beautiful women, but Diana was on another level completely. Diana’s
looks were such that it could easily turn heads.

However, it wasn’t enough.

Fanny pushed Oliver and said, “Go and pick something out for Diana. Let’s see if a through–and–
through man’s taste will be even more amazing.”

Oliver obviously had no experience in this area, but he took one look at Diana and went forward
anyway, carefully helping her to pick out a dress,

At the same moment, Julian also arrived at SK Mall. He came today because he wanted to buy some
clothes for Diana. When he saw her at the Winnington residence’s entrance just now, he noticed that
she was wearing the same attire she had bought before.

Now that she wasn’t living in the villa anymore, it wouldn’t be easy to arrange for some of the branded
lines to deliver their current season clothes to the hospital for her to choose from. With that thought in
mind, Julian decided to come to SK Mall and pick a few dresses for her.

Diana was of average height and had a fair complexion, which made her suited for light–colored

She reminded him of a water hibiscus.

The mere thought of Diana caused his usually cool face to take on a softer hue.

The store manager quickly recognized Julian, and hurried forward to greet him. “Hello, Mr. Fulcher.
What are you looking for today?”

“Some clothes,” Julian replied, his voice clear and cold as he stood before a row of women’s attire,
carefully considering the styles.

The store manager was stunned. “Women’s attire?”

“The current season’s styles.”

He wanted to pick out more than a few to bring to the hospital for Diana, so she could have enough of

to wear.

The store manager quickly had someone wheel over the newest release of women’s attire. After a few
minutes, Julian stood in the middle of rows of women’s clothing.

“What’s going on?” Fanny asked, obviously unhappy.

She turned to the clerk and snapped, “We were clearly here first! Why have all the newest release
clothing been sent to the other side?”

The clerk felt awkward but explained, “I’m sorry, Miss Smith. There’s a VIP in the store right now.”

Fanny was speechless at the answer. “Am I not considered a VIP?”

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