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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 409

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 409

As the days went by, Diana didn’t think that she was charming or anything great.

Otherwise, how is it that she couldn’t worm her way into Julian’s heart even after three years of

When she was pregnant with her babies, Julian said he loved her. But if he did, why did he agree to the
divorce so quickly?

In the end, Diana, as her own person, had always been insignificant to Julian.

Whether it was Kayla or the babies he hadn’t expected, all of them were more important to him than


Whenever she thought about it, Diana could feel that her eyes were like a hot water bottle. They would
turn hot and dry, and would swell uncomfortably. However, she tried her best to endure it, and the
bitterness eventually settled down.

Still, Fanny had seen it.

Fanny reached out and gently patted Diana’s back, pretending not to see the tears she was trying to
hide before nudging her.

“I’ve considered your proposal to set up your own studio, so will you consider my proposal as well?”

Diana was startled. She looked up to see a face so beautiful that it was almost unreal, and she felt
even more that Fanny was pulling her leg.

How could Diana be better looking than Fanny was?!

A face of Fanny’s caliber could no longer be considered human, but an otherworldly being!

Diana blinked after processing Fanny’s words. “What do you have in mind?”

Fanny suddenly leaned in closer and whispered in Diana’s ear, “Why don’t you consider my brother?”

Fanny’s brother? Wouldn’t that be…Oliver?

Diana’s heart skipped a beat, and her face turned slightly red in embarrassment. It seemed her worst
fears were coming true…

When she looked up to see Oliver, he seemed unaware of their conversation. It didn’t seem like
something he and Fanny had discussed in advance. They hadn’t deliberately planned for Fanny to say
this to gauge Diana’s


Diana felt slightly relieved, and gently pushed Fanny away. “Stop joking around, alright?”

When Fanny heard Diana’s reply, she instantly understood that Oliver hadn’t confessed to Diana.

Fanny was, after all, someone who had been in the entertainment industry for a long time. Thus, she
easily followed the line of conversation and changed her tune.

“Alright. I just felt that the two of you are compatible.”

When Diana heard Fanny’s response, she relaxed further.

So it was only Fanny’s wishful thinking! Otherwise, Diana wouldn’t know how to face Oliver.

“Alright!” Fanny said as she got to her feet. She searched around the room and pulled out a pair of

sunglasses and a hat. “Come on! We’re done with all the important discussions, right? Let’s get Oliver
to take us out for a good meal!”

It was eight in the evening, which was also the busiest time for any restaurant.

“Aren’t you afraid of being recognized?”

“So what?” Fanny said. “Oliver will be there to help me out.”

Fanny reached out to take Diana’s arm, as if she had known the latter for a long time.

“I’m telling you, Diana. My brother’s really great, you know?”

When Oliver heard this, he shot Fanny a strange look.

“It’s usually difficult to get you to acknowledge that I’m your brother, but now, you keep repeating it.
What’s wrong with you today?”

“I just felt like it,” Fanny said as she put on her sunglasses, completely hiding the emotions in her eyes.
She pulled Diana out the door.

Oliver followed closely behind them.

They agreed to head to SK Mall, which was Fanny’s favorite shopping mall.

But unlike Diana, Fanny would never touch street food, nor did she like shopping on the first or second
floor. Her goal was clear, and that was to head straight to the top of the mall.

Plenty of high–end brands were on the top floor, and Fanny would spend at least one million every time
she came here. She was such a regular that even with her sunglasses and hat, a store clerk who was
obviously familiar with her approached her and greeted in a low and respectful voice, “Hello, Miss
Smith. We have some new bags at the counter. Would you like to take a look?”

Fanny shook her head and pushed Diana to the front.

“Yes, but I’m not looking for myself this time.‘

Fanny gestured at Diana.

“And today, we’re gonna be buying stuff from head to toe.”

Diana was confused. “For me?”

“Yep!” Fanny nodded like it was the most natural thing in the world, then pulled Oliver over and said,
“Since someone’s paying, how could we not go on a crazy shopping spree?”

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