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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 408

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 408

There was a lot of pain in Diana’s words, but there was no need to elaborate further on it. Fanny could
more or less understand.

After all, she was the same.

She also had someone who she knew didn’t love her; and yet, she still couldn’t help but stay by his
side and continue to hope.

“Have you let it go?”

“There’s nothing to let go of. Reality’s just cruel,” Diana replied wearily. “I know very well there’s no way
us to be together.”


From the time she learnt that Julian knew about Kayla drugging her and how he had still spared her
and Mr. Carter, the hopes she had for Julian gradually faded.

It was impossible for them to return.

Fanny burst out laughing, revealing her pearly white teeth. “You’re oddly pathetic.”

There weren’t many people who could make Fanny see herself in them, so she put out the cigarette in
her hand and said, “Go ahead and do it, then. I’ll fund the expenses you need for your studio in the


Diana was stunned. “Really?!”

After leaving the Winnington residence, Diana asked Oliver to bring her to Fanny. She wanted to talk to
Fanny about the idea of starting a studio together. She thought it would take more than a bit of
convincing; yet here Fanny was, agreeing after just a few simple words!

“It’s not a small amount of money.”

“Even if you need more, I have the money,” Fanny said as she unlocked her phone and showed it to
Diana. There were news and headlines related to Fanny all over the internet.

“Thanks to you, the starry dress that got caught in a plagiarism storm helped make me stand out even
more in the circle. Besides, I’m happy with the design you sent this time. I believe I can make more
money from you, so there’s no reason for me not to invest.“.

Diana felt infinitely grateful to the woman before her. “Thank you, Miss Smith!”

Fanny extended her hand toward Diana. “Congratulations, Miss Winnington.”

Diana’s eyes were bright with excitement, and Oliver’s eyes lingered a little longer than usual on her
before he turned to Fanny.

“Thank you.”

Who was Diana to him? Why did he need to stand in her corner and say thank you on her behalf?

Fanny felt like something was tugging persistently on her heart, and she lowered her head. Her
fluttering eyelashes hid the emotions that raged in her eyes, but it was gone when she looked up again.
Instead, there was a bright smile on her face as she said, “Just praise me more in front of the old man.
That’s the biggest

gift you can give me.”

Oliver nodded and said seriously, “I’ve always been doing that.”

Despite that, the Channing family still couldn’t quite accept that Fanny was in the entertainment

All in all, they could still be considered to be doting on her as no one had forced her to quit or do things
she didn’t like. It’s just that the old man had always been dissatisfied with her.

Fanny was always concerned about the old man’s mood, so she always had Oliver play the

“Thanks a lot, my good brother,” Fanny said with a captivating smile.

Seeing her smile, Diana couldn’t help but say, “Fanny, you really are beautiful.”

Fanny snorted and burst out laughing. She could be considered close to Diana now, so she wasn’t as
proud and cold as she was before. She even took the initiative to push Diana to stand before the mirror.

Then, she nudged Diana and added, “Actually, you look better than me.”

If Diana claimed to be unattractive, then it meant there were no beautiful women in this world.

Diana was surprised at the praise. “You’re exaggerating!”

Diana couldn’t even compare to Kayla in Julian’s heart, so how could she compare to a top celebrity
like Fanny?

Fanny pursed her lips. Seeing how insecure and lacking confidence Dia was, she immediately
concluded, Diana, I can say for sure now that Julian is scum! You two have been married for so long,

but you haven’t built up the confidence that you’re a beautiful woman. It’s obvious Julian attacked you
from this angle before, right?”

What she said hit Diana right in the heart.

Julian had never attacked her per say, but he never called her beautiful either.

It’s just that…

She and Kayla looked too much alike. From the start, he never really saw her. He only saw Kayla.

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