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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 403

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 403

Before, Lucy never bothered talking to Diana. Why would she suddenly change and was practically
jumping and screaming in anger now?

“Hmm… If you didn’t keep an eye on me, that’d be best,” Diana said with a smile. “Saves me the effort
of removing one obstacle when I investigate what happened when I was a child.”

When Lucy heard that, her eyes widened anxiously.

“Are you still going to look into it?”

Diana shrugged. “Of course. Forget simply investigating, I’ll make sure I leave no stone unturned.
Everything that happened when I was a child, everything that I remember and don’t… I’m going to find
out everything.”

Lucy didn’t realize that Diana was simply baiting her and got complacent after hearing it. She thought
that Diana’s intelligence had been exaggerated.

After all, who would tell their enemy of their plans? Diana should have just gone on and investigated all
she wanted without telling Lucy anything!

Well, Lucy would never let this little b*tch find out that she had actually saved Julian’s life!

The credit for that incident can only belong to Kayla!

“Hmm,” Lucy hummed, thinking that she had already grasped Diana’s next move. Now, she didn’t care
much about Diana’s attitude. Giving Diana a calculative look, Lucy said, “James, I’m going back to
work, okay?”

With that, she kissed James on the cheek and left.

Diana was dumbfounded by the scene before her. She turned away to avoid looking at them.

Anyway, all that needed to be said had been said, and the truth she wanted had also been exposed.
Now, Diana just needed to figure out what else Lucy and Kayla had hidden from her about her

Diana was certain Lucy would soon take the bait Diana had set her own. Diana simply needed to be
patient and wait.

Diana’s trip to the Winnington residence this time seemed to have been worthwhile.

It made her realize more of how wretched James truly was. As for Kate…

Diana figured that as long as she didn’t have any expectations that came with being a normal mother-
daughter pair, she wouldn’t feel any disappointment.

Her goal was only to make Kayla uncomfortable, anyway.

Sure enough, just as she was about to get into the car and leave, Kayla appeared outside the
Winnginton residence.

The latter was carrying several gift boxes in her hands; it looked like she had brought them for Kate


Kayla’s eyes burned as soon as she saw Diana, and she immediately stood in Diana’s way. She hissed
through gritted teeth, “You’re such a great sister, aren’t you?”

A good sister?

“Thanks for the compliment,” Diana said, knowing that Kayla was bound to have heard everything from
Lucy about what happened today. She also knew that she had succeeded in making Kayla deeply
uncomfortable, so she smiled and added, “But in my heart, you’re not a very good sister.”

Kayla didn’t expect Diana to be so blunt, and the tense atmosphere between them intensified instantly.

“Diana! Did you come here today to get revenge on me for forcing you to resign?!”

“Kayla,” Diana glanced at her with obvious contempt in her eyes. “I see you’re not very good at using
your brain.”

Kayla was confused at Diana’s reply.

“You already know, don’t you? Why ask me again? Did you ask me while already knowing the reason,
or do you just not know how to use your brain?”

“You… You…!” Kayla was furious to the point she couldn’t form a proper sentence. She breathed
deeply a few times before shouting, “Just you wait! Sooner or later, I’ll make it so that you won’t even
dare to look me in the eyes! I’ll make sure you shut your damn mouth when you stand before me, and
that you’ll respectfully call me Mrs. Fulcher!!!”


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