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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 404

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 404

Diana yanked Kayla forward and hooked her arm around the latter’s neck, forcing Kayla against her
chest. The pressure coming from Diana was so oppressive that Kayla could hardly draw air into her

Her heart beat wildly as Diana leaned closer and softly whispered in her ear, “You sound like a crow,
you know?”

A crow?!

Kayla was about to explode when Diana said that.

It was her fault that Kayla had to contend with a terrible voice!

It was all Diana’s fault!

“You’re the one who should have been poisoned! You should’ve just died!” Kayla screamed, irritated
and frantic. In her rage, she tried to push Diana away.

However, Diana’s hold on her was much stronger than she expected; the more Kayla tried to struggle
free, the more Diana’s grip tightened.

And the more she screamed, the more breathless she became.

Diana looked at Kayla coldly as the latter’s face started to turn red.

“You’re finally willing to admit up front that you wanted to kill me from the start. No, perhaps you and
Lucy have wanted me dead since I was a child, right?” Diana said, her eyes fixated on Kayla. “What a
pity that I outlived your expectations! Even in terms of men, I was ahead of you. Julian’s just second–

hand goods now. I’ll be waiting to see when you’ll get to marry him. When the time comes, I’ll definitely
call you Mrs. Fulcher.”

Diana’s words held so much mockery that Kayla’s fury grew ever more as she listened.

Yet, she couldn’t break free.

“Damn it!” Kayla could only curse. “You better not fall into my hands, Diana!”

“Of course I won’t. But you, you’ll fall into my hands,” Diana said with fierce determination. “The
suffering my babies and I endured… I’ll make sure you suffer twice the amount!”

“But I didn’t get them killed!” Kayla roared. “I only gave you a little medicine. It was Mr. Carter who
didn’t listen to me! That damn old man took so much from me, yet nothing worked out!”

Had everything gone as planned, Diana would be dead by now and wouldn’t be confronting Kayla right

“A little medicine?” Diana pressed Kayla’s neck a little harder. “If it wasn’t for your little bit of medicine, if
it wasn’t for Mr. Carter adding fuel to the fire… Would that have allowed my babies to live a few more

“Then what about you? Do you think you did a passable job as a mother?!” Kayla mocked. “You keep
saying you want to crusade against me, but are you implying that you and Julian didn’t hold any
responsibility for what happened to your babies? What about all the repeated arguments and accidents
at the beginning of your pregnancy, huh?”

“On that rainy day, you shouldn’t have gone to Julian. And yet, you did! You were pregnant, but you
disregarded that and even took that blow for him! Your babies didn’t die because of just one factor, you

know? You don’t even hold yourself responsible for them, so who are you to hold me responsible?
What right do you have to hold it against me?!”

Before, Diana had thought about all of the things Kayla was telling her.

It was also the reason behind her gnawing guilt. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have divorced Julian.

Kayla could tell Diana was lost in thought. She immediately assumed she succeeded in getting under
Diana’s skin.

Taking advantage of Diana’s distraction and how her grip had loosened, Kayla violently broke away by
shoving Diana harshly. She hissed as she massaged the painful spot where Diana had held her, and
screamed, “You blasted wench! You should feel honored that I called you sister! How dare you do this
to me!”

With that, she raised her hand to strike at Diana.

Before the blow could land, a strong hand reached out and gripped her arm hard.

“Who were you intending to hit, Kayla?!”

It was Julian.

His voice when it entered her ears was deep and harsh; it sounded just like thunder crashing in the

Kayla instantly deflated, all the anger rushing out of her. She looked up to reveal the redness on her
neck where Diana had held her before, and gazed at Julian with tears in her eyes.

“Julian… I was wrong! I should’ve controlled myself and not held a grudge against Diana. Luckily you

peared on time and didn’t let me make a mistake toward her. Even if she comes at me with a knife in
the future, I must always remember that I’m her younger sister. I’ll also always remember that I’ve
wronged her and her babies. I deserve whatever she does to me, no matter what it is!”

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