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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 406

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 406

However, Julian wasn’t about to let go. Just as Diana was about to continue confronting him, Oliver

in the next second.

Like a savior from heaven, he pulled up slowly beside Diana and said gently, “I’m here to pick you up.”

His words were confident, natural, and familiar.

Diana readily agreed to his words. “Thank you for being so considerate, darling.”

With that said, she pulled open the door and got into the car.

Julian was left standing alone, staring as the car drove off and faded out of sight. After a few more
moments, he felt his world almost collapse.

He hadn’t misheard it, right?

What had Diana said just now…?

Did she…did she just call Oliver darling?

Julian thought about the photos he had seen of Diana and Oliver over the past two days. He had his
men follow her, and they had taken pictures for him to see.

He finally understood what was going on, and felt like someone had smashed his heart until and left a
giant hole there. That gaping hole in his heart kept widening and hurt deeply, leaving a sense of
suffocation in its wake.

Julian staggered backwards.

Kayla rushed over and caught him, helping him to steady his feet.


For a moment, Julian was pulled back into his childhood when he heard Kayla call his name.

The Kayla he knew back then had always been well–behaved and mild–mannered, and she was also
kind and gentle. It was why she had saved him when he was lost and all alone in the middle of the
snowy day.

A life–saving grace…

It was a heavy thing to shoulder.

He once mistook it for love, and had also given Kayla a lot of room for imagination.

Ultimately, Julian had done a lot of wrongs.

Julian lamented silently in his heart before slowly straightening up. Then, he looked at Kayla and said
coldly, “This makeup doesn’t suit you. Don’t do it again in the future.”

After saying that, he also got into the car, which Noel was driving.

Julian had come to see Diana. Since she wasn’t here anymore, he had no reason to stay.

Kayla watched as Julian drove away right after Diana left, and the jealousy in her heart was bursting.
She raised her hand and wiped her face until all the makeup was gone, before entering the Winnington

through the front gates.

After Kate had received a message from Kayla that she was dropping by, she waited for quite a while
before finally catching sight of her daughter.

“Kayla, what’s wrong with your face?”

Kayla’s eyeshadow and eyeliner had smudged badly, spreading around her eyelids. Even her
eyebrows had gone out of shape, revealing her original brows underneath them. In short, her face
looked absolutely


Adding on the fact that she had just cried, her eyes were red; she looked as if she had been thoroughly


Kate felt her heart race at Kayla’s unsightly appearance.

Kayla didn’t say a word about Diana and Julian. She didn’t want to let Kate see that she had lost to the
latter’s birth daughter, so she simply said, “It’s nothing. I just really missed you when I was on the way

That one sentence easily swept away all of Diana’s effort today.

Kate felt her heart melt, and she felt extremely guilty toward Kayla.


“I’m so sorry, darling. I’ve neglected you, haven’t I? I didn’t even get a chance to call you today to ask
about your day.”

Kate pulled Kayla into her arms, as if she was patiently coaxing a child.

“I won’t forget anymore. My heart will break if I see you in this state again, just because you miss me so

Kayla placed her head on Kayla’s shoulder and took advantage of the melancholic air to make a

“Mommy, can you not let Diana stay for dinner from now on?”

Kate was stunned. “Did you know about her visit today?”

“Yeah. You have Diana now, and you don’t even miss me anymore. This is the first time you’ve
forgotten to call me,” Kayla said with a sniffle, making perfect use of her ruined makeup to look even
more miserable. “I thought something happened to you, so I drove quickly here. But when I arrived
home, Mrs. Lay told me you’ve been busy entertaining Diana and planting the flowers she sent you.”

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