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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 399

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 399

James’s expression changed drastically at Diana’s words.

“W–What hidden story?” he stammered.

Lucy’s eyes flashed with anger.

“Stop making things up, Diana!”

“I haven’t even said anything about it. How would you know if I’m making it up or not?” Diana asked
with a mocking laugh.

As she stood there, she looked like a charming existence that had emerged from an ancient painting.
She seemed calm, but she exuded a fairy–like aura around her that made it impossible for all who
looked at her to disrespect her.

There was also a majestic and dignified light around her, one that incited admiration in many.

Lucy subconsciously compared Diana to Kayla and couldn’t help but lament deeply in her heart. They
should’ve just killed this little b*tch back then! Had they done so, Diana wouldn’t turn out to be such a

Lucy’s eyes were so vicious that it was impossible to ignore.

However, Diana wasn’t the slightest bit afraid. She looked at Lucy and said calmly, “I’m still waiting for
your reply, Lucy.”

Lucy remained quiet, and Diana continued, “Did you get so worked up because you knew what I was
talking about?”

Lucy felt her breath hitch.

Oh… She had fallen for it!

Diana had set her up for this!

“The Fulcher family has taken care of you well for the past three years, haven’t they?”

That was the only thing Lucy could say now, her face red with anger.

It was true that Diana’s current temperament and the reason she had turned out this way had much to
do with the Fulcher family. However, the biggest reason for her change was herself.

After she divorced Julian, Diana stopped worrying about the pros and cons of the situation and no
longer underestimated herself.

“More than that, I’m just talented.”

While she was stuck in the boonies, her talent for design had given her plenty of opportunities to give
herself much needed exposure to the outside world.

She had her fears and concerns when Julian had first proposed to her. More than that, she had
accepted his proposal with grace.

She had believed from the bottom of her heart that if she worked hard enough, she would eventually
gain the same footing as him and that he would always love her.


Later on, she realized that his so–called love at first sight and marriage proposal had all been a lie.
Julian’s wealth and power were far beyond her imagination.

When she thought about this, she couldn’t help the self–deprecating and bitter look that came to her

When James saw her expression, he instantly misunderstood it and assumed that Diana had seen
through everything, and that she was mocking him.

“Just what the hell do you know?”

James knew that he was thoroughly defeated in this confrontation.

For a moment, he even saw the image of Julian in Diana. The overwhelming pressure he usually felt
from the man gradually spread from her body, giving him the subconscious desire to surrender

Because of the fact that Diana had grown up in the countryside, James had been short–sighted.

Now, the young lady before him was no longer that naive countryside girl.

In fact, it was clearly justifiable how Julian had fallen in love with Diana.

James was seriously regretting the fact he had listened to Lucy in the past, and deliberately lost Diana
when she was only three years old.

Otherwise, he wouldn’t be in the position he was in now and be threatened by Kayla.

How had he missed the vicious ambitions of the mother–daughter pair at the beginning?

Alas, it was too late to say anything. He had no other choice but to stay in the same boat they were on

So far, everything had only been speculation on Diana’s end. After seeing James’s reaction, she knew
that her guesses had been more or less spot on.

“As a child…”

Diana’s tone was light, as though she was talking about someone else’s misfortune. In fact, she was as
calm as someone talking about the weather.

“You’re the one who lost me on purpose in order to let yours and Lucy’s illegitimate child, Kayla, enter
the family as the eldest lady.”

“That’s rubbish!” James exclaimed, his face flushed an ugly red. He was almost stomping his feet in

And as everyone knew, the more exaggerated one’s reactions were, the more guilty one appeared.

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