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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 400

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 400

James’s traditional clothes fluttered in the autumn wind, making him look even more like a ridiculous

“If I wanted to bring Kayla into the family, I wouldn’t need to go through all that trouble!”

He feared Diana would hold a deep grudge against him, and was now desperately covering up his past

“Of course there was a need to.” Diana regarded his performance with an icy glare.

Now that he had confirmed her suspicions, her feelings for James had turned ice–cold. She couldn’t
imagine how her own father could have done that to her. She had just been a little child, for crying out

Even after he learned that she had a miserable childhood, he still stood by and did absolutely nothing.

As for Diana, she had never understood why her family had been so cold when she had reunited with

“After all, Master Winnington loathed b*stards and illegitimate children above all else.”

Diana had done her research. Today, she was determined not to return from the Winnington residence
empty -handed.

“There was no other way for you to bring Kayla into the family aside from replacing me!”

Diana’s voice was strong and powerful, resonating through the area and drowning out most of James’s
pathetic attempts at half–baked explanations.

What’s more, she had even given him a plaque Master Winnington had personally inscribed today.

Alarm bells started going off in James’s head. His eyes widened as he suddenly realized something.
He immediately asked Diana, “You knew the old man? Have you met him in private before?!”

Because Master Winnington wasn’t very fond of James, he hadn’t paid much attention to Diana or

What’s more, the old man had never inquired about Diana’s return. It was a clear indication that he
wasn’t interested in all the drama in James’s family.

As such, James never expected Diana to get involved with his father. Looking at her today, however, he
had an inkling that Diana’s relationship with his father might be even closer than his own.

James had always been afraid of the old man, yet he still craved Master Winnington’s approval.
Realizing that Diana might have had contact with the old man, James started to panic.

If Diana had said something about James in front of Master Winnington, then…!

James shuddered violently, and shot Diana a deadly glare.

However, Diana shook her head.

“No. I just have a friend who knows him, so I understood some things.”

To be honest, she had no desire for the strange and deformed affection of the Winnington family.

The affection she wanted the most was one she had found in Madam Fulcher and her babies. Yet
now…all of those had dissolved into nothing.

Thinking about her lost babies, Diana turned to Lucy and glared at the latter with loathing eyes.

“I don’t care about the Winnington family. I just want to know the truth about what happened when I
was a child.”

Diana was determined; James knew that if the matter wasn’t cleared up today, she wouldn’t let it drag

Diana wasn’t easy to fool anymore; James couldn’t figure out what was in her mind, or what exactly
she knew.

James never expected the daughter he had abandoned when she was a child would have the ability to
make Julian fall in love with her, as well as foster a good relationship with Master Winnington’s friend.
The very same friend who the old man was willing to inscribe a plaque for James just because he
asked, to boot!

He had a vague feeling that he would be completely doomed if he didn’t hurry up and help Kayla marry
into the Fulcher family!

But right now, it was necessary to deal with Diana first. At the very least, he couldn’t let her know what
really happened when she was a child.


James looked at her, then suddenly fell to his knees!

A father kneeling down to his daughter was a big taboo in their etiquette, but at this moment, James
didn’t care. He had always been able to adapt to any situation to get the perks he desired, and he
couldn’t give a damn about what he had to do to make it happen.

He was teary–eyed at this moment as he wailed pitifully, “You’re right. I lost you back then, and I
regretted every month of it! I reflected on my actions, and I was worried about your life. But now, didn’t

you grow up well? You even married Julian Fulcher! If I hadn’t brought Kayla into our family and let
everyone see how much she looks like you, do you think you’d have had the chance to marry him?”

At the end of the day, it was a fact that Julian had married Diana because he wanted Kayla. That had
always been a sore spot for Diana.

Yes, that was the origin of everything that happened. Anyone could use it to attack and belittle Diana;
and now, even her own birth father was now using it as an excuse to justify his repulsive acts in the

He lost her on purpose for his own selfish gains, but he turned things around and made it seem like his
actions had enabled her to meet Julian.

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