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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 402

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 402

Diana and Kayla had been babies before that, weren’t they?

“Have you

been keeping an eye on me since I was three years old, just like James?” Diana asked Lucy with a
sharp look after she mentally calculated the timeline.

Lucy scoffed inwardly.

Of course she had!

Back then, she was afraid Diana would suddenly return to the Winnginton family. If that happened,
Kayla’s position in the family wouldn’t hold, and Lucy’s position as James’s mistress might be exposed.
As such, Lucy always had to be on guard against Diana. She had to ensure that Diana remained in the
countryside and far away from Richburgh; only by that could she be at ease.

In the process of her constant surveillance, she discovered that Diana had saved Julian’s life.

Diana had been such a small child, only seven or eight years old. And yet, she had terrific luck!

Lucy, of course, had to let Kayla take Diana’s place once more.

The next day, she immediately brought Kayla, who looked similar to Diana, to Julian and told him that
the person who saved his life was Kayla.

That was what triggered the incident for Julian to misidentify his savior.

Yet, Kayla told her on the phone that…that was the tightest and only bond she had with Julian as of this


If either Diana or Julian were to discover the truth, then Kayla…

Lucy shuddered violently, dreading to imagine the terrible consequences if Julian ever found out what

actually happened.

Kayla was incapable of getting pregnant now. If Julian knew the truth, could she even keep her life?

The life–saving grace that they had right now was no longer just a grace, but a life–saving charm!

Lucy, of course, was deathly afraid of what Diana would find!

But the more frightened she was, the more curious Diana got. Diana couldn’t help but raise her voice,
and the valor that was usually absent within her made itself known.

“Lucy! Why aren’t you talking?!”

Lucy’s confidence was in shambles.

During Lucy’s call with Kayla just now, Kayla had described how Julian forced her to drink the medicine
that had caused Diana to miscarry. Now, the frightening image lingered in Lucy’s mind and wouldn’t go

Kayla had never been pregnant, neither had she given birth.

And now, Julian had taken away Kayla’s chance of being a mother forever!

It was also a clear indication that he would never marry Kayla; now, even the mere mention of Julian’s

sent terrible chills up Lucy’s spine. Not to mention, the woman Julian valued the most, Diana, was right
before her eyes.

Was it impossible for humans to escape their fate, after all?

Were Julian and Diana…

A pair destined to be together, despite everything that happened?

As Lucy thought about it, she grew more and more horrified by the minute.


Just as Kayla had said, they couldn’t allow this to happen.

Even if it was just to keep their lives, they needed to ensure that Kayla returned to Julian’s side and
hold tightly onto the gratitude Julian had toward Kayla for saving his life in the past.

Only then would the mother–daughter pair be able to survive in this world.

At this moment, Lucy could feel the crushing pressure and fear Julian commanded.

But if they tried hard enough, perhaps there might be a better way out for them.

Lucy steeled her heart and turned to Diana, sneering, “Who would care about you? I have my daughter,
so why would I bother with a countryside hick like you?”

Lucy made a big show of rolling her eyes to hide the dying confidence in her voice and continued
haughtily,” Don’t think so highly of yourself, Diana!”

Although Lucy spoke in a high and mighty manner, it was futile. Diana was well aware that Lucy was
now lacking in confidence.

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