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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 398

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 398

Wasn’t Diana implying that Lucy was just a servant and that she was dispensable? And that Diana,
Kate, and James were the rightful owner of the house?

That little b*tch!

Lucy cursed Diana in her mind and shot a fierce glare at the latter. She wanted to slap that little girl in
the face so much right now!

James could tell that Lucy was furious, but he didn’t dare to expose anything before Kate. He put down
his utensils and cleared his throat, giving Lucy a pointed look. The two held gazes for a while before
Lucy finally turned around quickly and left.

James ate a few more bites before he too quickly left the table.

Throughout the whole meal, Kate continued eating quietly as if she hadn’t seen anything.

Sometimes, Diana wondered whether her mother was really stupid or was just pretending to be.

However, now was clearly not the time to have a heart–to–heart talk with Kate, much less ask her such
a personal secret.

“I’m done,” Diana said, pushing her plate away. She turned to Kate and added, “I’ll take a look around
our yard first while you carry on eating. I haven’t had the chance to look at it.”

Diana had deliberately used the words “our yard” to lessen the gap between them.

Kate, who had just gotten a gift she liked, didn’t feel uncomfortable about it. However, she also wasn’t
that overly enthusiastic. With an attitude that was obviously much better than how she had treated

Diana before, she simply agreed. “Alright.”

As soon as Diana left, she put down the utensils in her hand and clenched her fist tightly, her nails
digging deep into her palm. Her expression darkened as a terrifying and gloomy look settled on her

In the villa’s yard, James and Lucy were hiding behind the flowers Kate had planted.

“Don’t be angry,” James said as he held Lucy. “Baby, don’t you know how I feel about you by now?
Diana gave me a plaque my father inscribed, you know? With that, I can now hold my head high before
my brothers. That’s why I kept her for dinner. If we’re talking about who I’m closer to and will dote on, I
definitely prefer our daughter, you know? Otherwise, back then, I wouldn’t have made the decision to
have Diana-”


Diana had accidentally stepped on the wilted flower branch by her feet, and the crisp sound rang out in
the silent night. It gave away her hiding spot, so she stepped out awkwardly.


James was speechless.

That was close! It was a good thing he hadn’t finished his sentence!

If he did, he would have a bigger problem with Diana. At the moment, he had some sympathy towards

because of Julian, and even had some intentions of trying to curry favor with her.

However, Lucy wasn’t afraid or even surprised. In fact, she even seemed a little smug.

It would’ve been better if Diana had found out about them earlier.

It saved her and James time from needing to avoid Diana when they were together. She had no qualms
about hanging off James in this situation.

Now that James knew Diana was the woman Julian actually loved, he didn’t want to continue having a
bad relationship with her. He even wanted to shove Lucy away, but Lucy held on tighter and refused to

“No!” Lucy spat. “So what if Diana saw us? She’s a good child, isn’t she? She definitely wouldn’t tell

It was almost as if she was trying to flatter Diana.

She was calling Diana a good girl so it would tie Diana down, not to do anything to upset Kate, and
then hide

the affair she witnessed before her for them.

“I have no intention of telling my mother anyway,” Diana replied calmly.

Now wasn’t the time.

Diana looked at them calmly. “But is it possible to talk to my mother about the hidden story behind my
disappearance when I was a child?”

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