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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 397

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 397

The plaque Diana gave to James had undoubtedly moved him deeply; just as the flowers had done to

“How did you get this…?”

The plaque had Master Winnington’s own inscription underneath it. James’s name was also on it.

It clearly meant that the inscription on the plaque had been meant for James.

“That’s not important.”

Actually, it had been thanks to Mr. Crawford that Diana was able to have this plaque. It seemed Mr.
Crawford had been close to Diana’s grandfather, whom she had never met. When Diana requested Mr.
Crawford to send the flowers over, she happened to mention James in the passing. Mr. Crawford had
sent the plaque together with the flowers.

However, she didn’t bring up Mr. Crawford’s existence to James and said, “Hang it up wherever you

Although it was a gift from Diana, the inscription on it was indeed done by Master Winnington. If they
hung it up in James’s courtyard, no one would be able to say anything against it.

This meant that James would no longer have any reason to be ridiculed by his relatives, which
dissolved the huge knot that had been in his heart for what seemed like forever.

Regardless, it also added to his pain and anguish. After all, he had pushed Diana out of the family with
his. own hands…

That, and the fact that he needed to prioritize Kayla’s plans right now.

Even if this gift was satisfactory and meaningful, he couldn’t show his happiness too much.

“Well, it’d take up unnecessary space if I don’t hang it up,” James said as he called out to two of his

“You two, go and hang it up.”

The plaque was soon hung up in the foyer for display.

James looked up at the plaque with mixed feelings. For a moment, he was tempted to show Diana


But then he remembered Kayla’s words, and had no choice but to banish those thoughts from his mind.
He couldn’t afford not to listen to her.

If Julian discovered all those outrageous things he had done to Diana before, it would be disastrous!


With a twinkle in his eyes and a calculating look on his handsome face, he said to Diana, “Won’t you
stay for dinner?”

This was the first time James had asked Diana to stay; she knew it meant he was more or less satisfied

what he had received.


And so, the three of them sat down together for the first time in a long time as a family.

Lucy stood in the back kitchen and watched through burning eyes how harmonious the atmosphere
was for the three of them. She was practically spitting fire by now, and when she served the food, she
couldn’t hold herself back from sending angry looks at James.

But this time, James ignored them all.

He knew he couldn’t try to mend his relationship with Diana, for fear that Kayla would rat them out to
Julian. Still, at this moment, he couldn’t help but exude a different attitude from how he usually acted.

“Go ahead and eat,” James said as he pushed the plate before him to Diana.

Even though he wasn’t helping to put food on her plate, it was far better manners than he had
displayed before.

“There’s also foie gras,” Lucy said. There was anger hidden in her eyes, but she had a bright smile on
her face; it was the exact same as Kayla’s usual hypocrisy.

Diana watched Lucy quietly as she ate. This woman had come over seven times in total during this
meal; five times of those total, she made physical contact with James.

Diana didn’t believe for a second that there was nothing between them.

“How was the food, Miss Winnington? It’s been a while since you’ve been here for dinner,” Lucy said.

The way Lucy spoke and the title she referred to Diana by were implying that Diana was merely a

Yet, it was clear Diana was the host while Lucy was just a servant.

“What’s there to ask about when one comes home to eat?” Diana said with a smile as she picked up a
napkin to wipe her mouth.

Diana’s eyes seemed to flutter distractedly; when they landed on Lucy, there was a chilling aura in

“Besides…” Diana trailed off as she set down the napkin and tapped on the table. “If I’m not happy with
the food, it means the food wasn’t good. At most, we’ll just have to change the chef and kitchen butler.
It’s impossible for me, a member of this household, to leave just because I’m dissatisfied with the food,
isn’t it?”

Lucy was thoroughly floored by Diana’s words.

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