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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 394

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 394

Kayla traced the table slowly. Her damaged vocal cords made her sound creepy as she continued,
“Well… You can try to back out, I suppose. But I wonder, what will happen to you if I tell Julian
everything you’ve done to Diana in the past?”

“Are you threatening me?!” James asked, his eyes widening incredulously.

“Yes. What of it?”

Compared to his angry tone, Kayla’s voice was calm yet steely.

James had never experienced this side of Kayla. The Kayla he remembered had always been well–
behaved and never spoke to him with such an attitude.

But today, he was seeing a different side of his daughter.

“Kayla Winnington!”

Kayla couldn’t help but shiver when she heard James’s roar. She wouldn’t have said so much if she
hadn’t been forced to. If she didn’t bring James to her side and make him stay, she feared something
would go wrong in the future.

For now, she needed to pretend to be strong, so she didn’t let her voice waver.

“If there’s nothing else, I’m hanging up.”

James wanted to speak more, but the next second, all he could hear was the dial tone.


James was furious to the point that his vision faded to black for a moment. He wanted nothing more
than to call Kayla back home and demand her explain what the hell was going on!

James swayed on the spot, about to fall backward; however, Diana caught him before he could

“Are you okay?”

With someone holding him up, James grabbed the pillar beside him and slowly straightened up. He
opened his eyes with much difficulty, shooting Diana a complicated look.

“…I’m fine.”

In order for Diana not to hear his conversation with Kayla, he had deliberately run far away from her.
Despite that, Diana was able to run to him and catch him in time.

A warmth James had never felt before spread through his body quietly, and he suddenly regretted it…

He regretted doing so many ridiculous things to Diana.

Yet, Kayla was right. He had no right for regrets.

With that thought, James’s face turned cold and he brushed Diana’s hand away.

“Go away! I don’t need you to care!”

Diana made a face like she had choked on something, and let go of him.

James wasn’t prepared for the sudden loss of support; he almost fell backward again.

“Ugh! You’re all rebellious women!” James grunted in anger as he hurriedly grabbed the pillar again,
giving Diana a vicious glare as sharp as a knife.

Diana, however, shrugged in an unconcerned manner. “You told me to let go.”

But based on James’s words, there must have been some conflict between him and Kayla on the
phone just now. He wouldn’t have said those words otherwise, which were clearly referring to her and

It was only a pity Diana hadn’t been able to hear their conversation.

Diana clicked her tongue at the thought. Just as she was about to say something, Kate’s voice rang
out. Darling, are you back? Come and let me look at you. Have you lost weight recently?”

Diana turned around and said, “Sorry to disappoint you.”

When Kate saw clearly who it was standing before her, discomfort flashed across her face.

“Ah… It’s you, Diana.”

Kate sighed, and seemed to rack her head before managing to greet Diana properly. “Why are you

“Nothing. I just came to see you two.”

She had resigned and received her last drawn salary from Esteem Creations. Now that she didn’t have
her babies, she wasn’t too worried about her future survival. Right now, her pockets were filled with

Came to see them?

With what, her eyes?

James was confused. He really wondered how on earth Julian could give up Kayla for Diana, a girl who
had grown up in the countryside.

She didn’t have any manners at all!

Diana only talked big all day!

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