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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 396

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 396

This was already considered a good start.

Kate was even more overwhelmed when she saw Diana’s expression.

“Diana, I…”

“It’s fine,” Diana said, cutting her off. “I’ve already divorced Julian. If you don’t believe me, you can ask

Kate jerked back and looked at James, who gave her an affirmative nod in reply.

Kate didn’t know if she should be happy or not, and she felt conflicted. For the first time in her life, she
felt her heart ache for the terrible things Diana had experienced in life.

“Y–You’re divorced… What will you do about your future?”

Diana was surprised to hear such words from Kate. She hadn’t expected these flowers to be so
effective. She had previously designed some clothes for a prominent elderly customer named Mr.
Crawford under her old brand D&J, and he had given her these flowers.

Diana didn’t have anywhere to plant them, so she left the flowers at the older man’s place to be cared
for. Before coming to the Winnington residence today, she remembered the flowers‘ existence and
called for someone to pick them up.

She didn’t expect that catering to Kate’s taste would make such a big difference.

“This is the first time you’ve shown care for me,” Diana said bluntly to Kate’s face.

As expected, a flash of guilt crossed Kate’s face.

Kate felt the guilt gnaw into her.

Diana had been kind to Kate despite the horrible treatment she had received in the past, but Kate had
never really treated her as a daughter. Even right now, Kate could only think about how soon she could
share these flowers with Kayla.

She wasn’t a good mother, not in the slightest.

“It’s fine,” Diana said, taking advantage of Kate’s lost expression as she took the latter’s hands. “Just
show me more care in the future, and that’s enough. We’re mother and daughter, aren’t we? There’s no
conflict. that we can’t overcome.”

Kate felt deeply moved by Diana’s words.

This child was kinder and more forgiving, far beyond her imagination!

“I will. Of course,” Kate said, almost stumbling over her words.

However, James pulled Kate back from Diana and snarled, “What do you mean, you will? Have you
lost your mind after receiving these rotten flowers that you can’t tell the difference between yes and

He now knew Diana’s value, but Kayla was absolutely right. Even if he had realized how much Diana
was worth, he no longer had the right to switch sides and stand with Diana.

He could only continue to stand with Kayla and help her deal with Diana… And help Kayla marry into
the Fulcher family, instead of playing the role of a loving father–daughter pair with Diana.

Kate was stunned by James’s words and actions. She wanted to retort, but she saw the smile on
Diana’s face. Her gentle, warm eyes were bright, and they sparkled like stars in the sky.

Diana looked…really beautiful.

She possessed the kind of beauty and elegance that was impossible to describe with words; Diana
basically embodied every single good trait Kate and James had.

To be fair, Diana did look much better than Kayla.

However, Kate refused to admit this fact, even now. Without realizing it, though, she had
subconsciously made space in her heart for Diana.

The smile remained on Diana’s face. She looked toward the door, and immediately, another group of
people entered. Diana had responded to James’s malice with a smile the entire time, and now, she said
calmly to him, “This is for you.”

Before him lay a plaque that Master Winnington had inscribed.

It wasn’t common knowledge, but even though the Winnington family had relied on James currying
favor with the Fulcher family to survive, Master Winnington had not favored James.

Master Winnington’s calligraphy was famous all over the word; while several other branches of the
family had plaques the old man had made personally in their homes, only James didn’t have one.

It was also one of the reasons his relatives ridiculed him. They laughed at him, saying that though he
devoted himself to the family, it didn’t matter if the old man didn’t like him. At this rate, he would be
kicked out of the Winnington family sooner or later.

James was seen as someone who busied himself for the family, but he never received any perks
despite his efforts.


now, the thing he wanted most and the recognition he yearned for… The plaque seemed to give him
some solace.

It was to the point that he started shedding tears the moment he looked at it.

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