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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 395

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 395

Diana snapped her fingers; the moment she did so, several people rushed into the place and placed a
field of potted plants before Kate.

“Cyclamen, Begonia, Medinilla Magnifica, Rhododendron…”

Kate was stunned when she saw all the flowers before her. These were all flowers she recently wanted!

But because Cyclamen die very easily in the hot summer weather, the prices were speculated to be
ridiculously high come autumn, especially for flowers of excellent quality with strong roots like the ones
before her now. They were estimated to be worth a lot of money.

But now, several pots of top–quality cyclamen were before her.

Kate glanced at the begonias and how they had remained beautiful as ever in this season. It didn’t take
a genius to figure out that the people who cared for these flowers had been reluctant to give up their
lovingly cared for flowers and bring them here.

Then there were the Medinilla Magnifica and Rhododendrons; they were so beautiful, all who looked at
them would feel so nostalgic and would never be able to forget how lovely the petals looked!

Kate was dazzled by the sight before her. She had never seen so many excellent quality flowers
together in one place.

If one wanted to buy all these flowers in one go, they would probably only be available at an auction.

Also, to gather so many beautiful flowers, one would have to spend a lot of money.

But now, Diana had simply snapped her fingers, and the flowers all appeared before Kate.

Kate’s eyes shone brightly. The more she looked at the flowers, the more she liked them.

“It’s all for you,” Diana said after giving Kate enough time to admire the flowers. “I saw a lot of flowers in
the front yard where you lived before, but some of them were missing, so I found a few for you.”

Compared to the dazzling flowers all put together in front of her, Kate was even more amazed that
Diana knew about her love for flowers.

After marrying into the Winningtons for so many years, she kept a low profile about her hobby of
growing flowers. She had been afraid others would ridicule her and say that it was a hobby for people
of poor origin, and look down on her for it.

In the past, when Kayla had discovered her hobby, she had warned Kate to keep a low profile on it.

Kate thought Kayla had said those things for her sake, so she did as told. She decorated herself in fine
jewelry instead, as though it would help her blend in better with the wealthy ladies in their circle.

Diana was the first person to send her flowers.

Diana’s gentle and warm eyes seemed to know everything, but in a more sophisticated way. She didn’t
deliberately expose the unpleasantness in one’s heart.

“Only those who love flowers will understand how precious they are. If you put it together with your
other ordinary flowers, most people wouldn’t be able to tell.”

With those words, Kate’s worries dissipated instantly. Suddenly, she felt a warm desire in her heart and
wished to be closer to Diana.

She subconsciously looked at James, only for him to snap at her, “Since when did you like to grow

Kate’s face dimmed immediately.

After all these years, he wasn’t even half as observant as Diana.

For the first time, she felt that her husband might not love her as much as she thought.

Instead, it was her daughter, who had been lost as a child, ignored and taunted by everyone upon her
return, who had shown her great care and supported her actions.

This sincere care Diana showed was even more than Kayla’s…!

Kate gathered up her courage and gently took Diana’s hand.

“Can I really plant these?”

“Of course,” Diana replied without hesitation. “If you don’t believe me, you can ask any of the ladies in
your circle if they know what flowers these are.”

Kate suddenly gained some confidence.

“Thank you.”

Finding all these flowers must have taken a considerable effort, and being able to see through Kate’s
hobby needed even more effort than that.

“B–Back then…” Kate suddenly stammered a little as she spoke. “I shouldn’t have agreed with

and forced you to marry that old man from the Pabians…”

Diana smiled. “Will you still force me to get a divorce?”

Kate couldn’t say anything to that.

She knew she would.

Because Kayla wanted Diana to get a divorce.

your father

Diana smiled; in the first place, she never expected Kate to say no. But for the moment, Kate’s
willingness to admit her previous wrongs, even slightly, had been worth the effort Diana had put in.

After all, to sow discord was to attack the mind and heart.

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