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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 393

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 393

Kayla started off carefully, “In the future… You might see me imitating her more.”

James was an old–school veteran at tricks, so he could immediately tell that something was wrong with
Kayla’s words.

Diana tried to lean closer at this moment, but James shoved her away and jumped on a table, and
quickly asked Kayla, “Kayla, tell me the truth. The reason you didn’t tell me about Diana and Julian
divorcing… Was it because he didn’t do it for you?”

Kayla saw that it was pointless to try and hide it any longer, so she nodded and said, “Yeah.”

The joy James felt deflated immediately.

He was afraid.

He was afraid that the person Julian really liked was in fact Diana, and that he had bet wrongly.

Kayla didn’t know about his greed and his thoughts, so she continued, “But you only need to
understand that Julian’s mine. I’ll make sure to give you a son–in–law who’s willing to spend all the
money you want for our family. That’s all you need to know.”

James didn’t speak; the only sound coming from the phone was his breathing. It seemed her words
hadn’t deterred him as much as she had hoped.

Kayla steeled her resolve and called out, “Dad?”

James was startled by her voice. “Huh?”

“You’re not mistaken,” Kayla said, making it clear.

Otherwise, she might be limited by the situation in the future; this would only lead to even more
annoying problems.

“Julian likes Diana more than me now.”

In fact, it would be accurate to say that Julian didn’t even like Kayla at this point. Julian’s feelings for
her were based entirely on his gratitude for her saving him when they were children, but Kayla didn’t
explain this in detail to James.

However, her voice was somewhat threatening when she continued, “But not long ago, you threatened
Diana and forced her to marry Clifford Pabian…”

At the sudden influx of information, James was somewhat confused, Kayla was displaying an attitude
that. was different than usual, which irritated him. However, he didn’t have time to lose his temper as he
heard Kayla continue, “You know about the news that Luke Pabian died, don’t you?”

James nodded without much thought. “Of course.”

Kayla grunted. “I’ll tell you the truth of the matter. Clifford killed Luke personally, and it’s because Luke
hurt Diana. Clifford did it to prevent Julian from venting Diana’s anger on them and implicating the

But even after Clifford had done so, his family’s influence still dwindled rapidly in Richburgh. His falling
family wasn’t a secret at all.

Chapter 393


Kayla paused for a moment before saying, “Now… That tells you Diana’s position in Julian’s heart,

James had heard of Luke’s death, but he never imagined that there was such a hidden agenda behind

Clifford… The man was Luke’s blood father! Just because Lucas had hurt Diana and angered Julian,
Clifford had been ruthless enough to end the life of his own son personally?!

As for James… What had he done to Diana all these years?

He had bet on the wrong person!

Absolutely wrong!

“Kayla, be honest with me.” James felt his legs weaken. He could barely stand as he asked his
daughter straight, “In the past three years Julian gave our family money… Is it because of you, or

At the change in James’s tone, Kayla couldn’t help but laugh mockingly on the inside.

This man truly did prioritize his interest first and foremost, huh?

The moment he had his hands on a little insider information, he was no longer enthusiastic about
calling her name lovingly.

The more he spoke, the more Kayla tensed. She avoided his question and instead replied, “Stop
thinking nonsense. You know better than I do what you’ve done to Diana over the years!”

She no longer spoke as politely as she once did, and threatened James without any hesitation. “Just
admit it! There’s no other way for you except to stay on the same boat we’re in. You need to support
me to marry into the Fulcher family and become the next Mrs. Fulcher. You have no other choice!“

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