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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 390

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 390

But when Diana stared at her just now, Kayla felt her confidence crumble a little.

She was afraid that Diana would discover that she had been Diana’s substitute for so long instead, and
not the other way around.

Those youthful years and moments of being protected and cared for by Julian since childhood should
have been Diana’s.

But because Kayla had stolen credit for Diana’s rescue, she had everything that Diana rightfully should


Even this time, Julian hadn’t killed her because of the saving grace Kayla held.

Kayla understood all of this.

But since things had come to this point, she was reluctant to let go of Julian.

Or rather, she was unwilling to give up the money, power, and preferential treatment she got after being
together with Julian.

When the time comes, everyone in Richburgh would have to look up to her and respect her as Mrs.

As long as she kept going…

She would still be able to turn the tables!

Kayla looked at her reflection in the mirror before smashing it with a comb. The shattered glass only
made her smile look even more sinister.

When Diana first started working in Esteem Creations, she had an inkling she wouldn’t be here for long
after running into Kayla.

Even so, the thought of running away had never crossed her mind.

And now…

Diana couldn’t imagine being under the spotlight and listening to everyone belittling her babies daily.

She had been too negligent as a mother, after all. She had allowed Kayla to bully her every step of the
way, and had repeatedly given in to the latter.

However, Diana wouldn’t let such a scene last.

Her departure this time may also have the potential to be a new beginning for her.

Diana finished the necessary paperwork. She didn’t take anything except the files on her computer,

she downloaded and kept away.

As for the designs she had made for Esteem Creations, she passed them all to Jayden.

She wasn’t one to repay her grievances with virtue. She wasn’t that noble.


She had done it mainly because while those designs were no different than trash to her, she knew it
was a

treasure to others.

She would take this chance to do a favor for Jayden. Perhaps she would be able to use the favor in the

When Diana exited the building and was about to hail a cab to leave, Jayden suddenly ran out after

“Thank you!”

When Jayden saw the designs she sent him, he felt as if he had seen a shining ray of light at the end of
an endless tunnel. The designs were all perfect, and were exactly what the company would want.

“But… Why would you give such great designs to me?”

“Because in this company, you have been the kindest to me,” Diana said flatly before pulling open the
door and entering the vehicle.

She didn’t look back as the car drove further away from the company.

Jayden stood rooted to the spot, not feeling any anger even as the car’s exhaust blew right into his
face. He seemed to have reached a sudden enlightenment, and he could almost see the image of a
proud and noble peacock in Diana’s silhouette.

Such an air of pride and nobility was something Kayla didn’t exude at all.

Had he…picked the wrong side?

Ten minutes later, Jayden received a text from Diana.

[I didn’t send you those designs to make you feel indebted. Use them as you like, and don’t worry
about it. I just need you to send me a picture of Kayla from today. Consider it payment for the designs.]

Jayden gladly complied, and his gratitude for Diana only increased after the message. It felt like she
had only asked for the picture to put him at ease.

In fact, he soon felt deeply guilty for betraying such an understanding and wonderful woman in the
past. Diana was completely unaware of the struggle in Jayden’s heart. When she received the photo
from him, she knew she had made the right move when she attempted to win him over with her

Kayla would be surrounded by her secret pawns from now on, just like how Kayla had used Mr. Carter
in the


Now, Diana was going to use Jayden to do the exact same and carry out her plans in secret.

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