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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 391

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Chapter 391

An hour later, Diana appeared at the entrance of the Winnington residence.

She hadn’t contacted them ever since James proposed she married Clifford Pabian.

But now, her parents, husband, babies, work, designs, and everything she could think of… Kayla had
taken away so many things Diana cherished.

Though Diana was still not strong enough and couldn’t do much to Kayla right now, she could still do
something small. She would start small and accumulate all of it, like ants, and take Kayla down

The first step involved the Winningtons.

The first thing Diana cherished, that Kayla had taken to ensure her own survival, was Diana’s own
parents. Thus, Diana would slowly ensure that Kayla had a taste of that too!

It was now late autumn. As Diana stood in the doorway of the Winnington residence, she looked at the
wildflowers around her; they were there the last time she came to the residence. There were traces of
them being trampled by something heavy, yet the flowers stood strong, tall, and vigorous; like a warrior
that only got stronger after every experience.

As she thought of her and the flowers‘ fate, Diana smiled.

She could be defeated and crushed, but she would never concede defeat.

At this moment, her expression was completely different from the usual. She appeared like an angel
who had descended on earth, beautiful and ephemeral.

When some of the servants saw her, astonishment flashed in their eyes. They turned around happily
and ran toward the living room, shouting, “Master, Madam! The young miss is back!”

James quickly emerged from the living room. He wasn’t at work today and was dressed in traditional
clothes; his attire gave him a gentle and elegant appearance. His features were exquisite. Though he
wasn’t young anymore, it was obvious that he had meticulously maintained his appearance.

The roundness of his face, his eyes, and his mouth… They looked almost identical to Kayla.

The more Diana studied his appearance, the more alarmed she felt.

Perhaps it was time to discover what had happened when she disappeared as a child. She was only
three years old when James lost her, so there must be some hidden agenda.

She was…suddenly intrigued by what happened to her as a child.

“Ugh! Why is it you?” James’s disgruntled voice interrupted Diana’s thoughts.

She looked up to see displeasure clear on his face.

“It was me all along,” Diana knew the servants had made a mistake, but she already intended to talk
about Kayla anyway. “It’s not my fault Kayla looks so much like me.”

James didn’t like to hear this. “It’s obvious you’re the one who looks like Kayla. You made yourself a
substitute, which was how you married into the Fulcher family. Don’t you know that?”


He couldn’t stand to see Diana’s dazzling appearance.

Of his two daughters, Kayla was the only one with the right to be so beautiful!

Diana was nothing.

How dare she claim that Kayla looked like her!

“Stop bringing up the Fulcher family. I’ve already divorced Julian,” Diana replied calmly, as if she hadn’t
taken James’s words to heart and was merely recounting a fact.

James was surprised. “D–divorced… You’ve divorced?”

That was great news!

Why hadn’t Kayla told him that?

James quickly took out his phone to call Kayla, but Diana had already seen the look on his face. Before
he could dial the number, she pulled out her phone and opened the picture Jayden had sent to her, and
showed it to James.

“Look at this first. Then you can make your call.”

On the screen, Kayla’s appearance was ninety percent similar to Diana’s. However, James was familiar
with his daughter’s face; it only took him a glance to know that Kayla had applied makeup to her brows
and face on purpose to achieve this effect.

But… Diana had already divorced Julian. Why did Kayla need to imitate Diana?

Diana knew James was easily suspicious, and she raised her brows slightly before asking, “So tell me.
Does she look like me, or do I look like her?”

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