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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 389

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 389

Diana was thoroughly confused.

Looking at the arrogant look on Kayla’s face, she couldn’t help but laugh.

“What right do you have to fire me, Kayla? This is a big company, and you can’t fire someone just
because you say so without any formal process or procedures, right?”

Besides, it was thanks to Fanny that Diana had managed to get a job here in the first place.

Diana wouldn’t show how defenseless she was before Kayla, even if the latter persisted in this matter.

Diana refused to compromise this way.

Kayla looked at how battle–ready Diana was, and laughed.

“Diana, have you never thought about how I came to Esteem Creations and hold such a high position,
and am still here without problems despite what happened between you and Julian? Who do you think
is behind me?”

Obviously, it had to be Julian.

When Diana thought about the man and how he and Kayla were together, her heart seemed to be
ripped open and was bleeding again.

It hurt.

But then, she recalled what Oliver said about letting things develop naturally.

She had agreed with Oliver not to get too attached to her feelings for Julian, as it would only make her

to forget him even more. In the end, she would only drown in a sea of love and hatred alone.

Diana sighed heavily.

Forget it.

She would just go with whatever Kayla said.

It was best if she didn’t think about anything related to Julian anymore.

“Fine. I agree to resign,” Diana said, reaching to take the document from Kayla before saying
mockingly,” Shall I go through the resignation process now, Miss Winnington?”

Kayla didn’t expect Julian’s name to be so useful in this situation. It seemed like as long as she brought
him up, no matter the pros or cons, Diana would believe it.

This proved that there was absolutely no trust between Diana and Julian anymore.

It also meant that Kayla had more leeway to intervene.

The more Kayla thought about it, the happier she became.

“Of course. If you don’t leave by today, I’ll let everyone know that you lost Julian’s baby in your
miscarriage by tomorrow.”

In the eyes of everyone in Esteem Creation, Julian was Kayla’s man.

If that happened, Diana would become the center of public opinion and would be known as the woman
who seduced her brother–in–law.

Even if Diana tried to clarify the matter, she was already divorced now. What proof could she bring?

Did she expect Julian to do anything about it?

That was even more impossible.

Looking at Kayla’s confident posture, it was evident that it was Julian who had given her such

However, Diana didn’t intend to make her resignation so easy for Kayla.

After taking the file, Diana stared at Kayla.

It wasn’t until Kayla felt goosebumps on her skin that Diana looked away and said, “Your makeup looks
good, Kayla.”

Kayla’s heart skipped a beat, thinking that Diana had seen through her. Daily new chapters upload only
on Alaniniz(dot)com, please support our site Thanks… However, that was all Diana said before leaving
Kayla’s office, leaving Kayla alone in her frenzied temper tantrum.

Did Diana think Kayla wanted to do this?!

It wasn’t like Diana didn’t know! Kayla had to be more similar to Diana. That was the only way Julian
would pay attention to her again!

When she was young, she relied on her resemblance to Diana to gain Julian’s favor and permission to
meet him. Now… She still needed to rely on the same thing to stabilize her mind in an attempt to gain
his attention again!

Kayla didn’t understand how things had gotten to this point and why even after so many things she had
done, whether directly or indirectly, she couldn’t stop Julian from having feelings for Diana.

Still, it seemed that luck was still on her side as Diana didn’t know about that.

Diana seemed to foolishly think that Julian was truly in love with Kayla.


What a joke!

If the person Julian truly loved was Kayla, why would he take away the chance for her to ever have
children in this life?!

He hadn’t even considered their past relationship, and was only focused on venting Diana’s anger on

Diana’s behalf!

What a pity…

Not for Diana, but for the quiet man who didn’t know how to express himself and never confided in his
sweetheart what he had actually done. His actions had allowed Kayla to exploit the situation and

them even more!

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