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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 388

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Chapter 388

Thirdly, Diana thought that Julian had defended Kayla, which proved that Diana wasn’t aware that
Julian had forced Kayla to drink the remainder of the drugs she had once given Diana, and had long
lost her fertility….

Kayla clenched her fist tightly under the table, sorely tempted to pinch herself to see if she was

Now that Diana and Julian had a huge misunderstanding, this was her chance!

The fear in her disappeared, and was quickly replaced by excitement.

However, Kayla didn’t dare let her face show what she was feeling at the moment for fear that Diana

pick up on it.

Kayla became more arrogant; she even tilted her chin upwards to look down at Diana and said
haughtily,” I’ll be waiting, then. Between you and Julian, let’s see who’s the greater one.”

The words were a tacit acknowledgment of Diana’s claim, as well as confirming the fact that Julian was
still protecting Kayla even if she had indeed tampered with the embryos Diana had once carried.

Even though Diana had mentally prepared herself and even accepted the fact that she and her babies
could never compare to Kayla’s position in Julian’s heart, she still felt her heart bleed when facing
Kayla’s hatefully smug face.

She felt as if someone had grabbed all her limbs and was pulling it in all directions, trying to tear her

Everything hurt deeply.

Everything was screaming in pain.

Diana deflated slightly, obviously not that strong anymore.

Kayla knew which buttons to push and what to expose in Diana’s heart, so she said proudly, “So, my
dear sister… Let me ask you now. Am I the substitute, or are you?”

“I’m the one who’s a fool,” Diana muttered, struggling to control her voice. She didn’t want to show her
vulnerable side before Kayla, and even forced a smile on her face.

“Of course, I’m the one who’s your substitute. Julian loves you, and the entire Richburgh knows that to

the truth.”

Kayla’s smile widened, and she even had the audacity to wink at Diana.

“Actually, it wasn’t only the drugging, you know? Even the reason for Luke to appear there and hound
Julian… I was involved in it too. Julian also knows all about it.”

Kayla covered her mouth and chuckled before adding, “Oh, right. I heard you miscarried after taking
that blow for Julian. But he still hasn’t done anything to me.”

Kayla said it so proudly, and Diana’s heart cried as she listened. She didn’t even care about how Kayla
had deliberately tried to imitate her face by putting on different makeup.

Rather, Diana felt as though someone had pulled her hair and struck her head with a heavy pole.

“Did you call me here just to talk about Julian?”

Diana tried to calm herself, reminding herself that she was in the office and it wasn’t time to get in
trouble with Kayla. Just like what Oliver had said, the first thing she needed to do was have her own

One must first make one’s self strong before having the capital and strength to achieve victory.

Diana was desperately holding herself back from marching up to Kayla and slamming the latter’s head
onto the table. She wanted to accumulate all this anger that raged in her and let it explode at the right
moment, and make Kayla’s life more miserable than death.

“Of course not,” Kayla said with a smile. “It’s just that recently, Julian sent me flowers. Thinking of you
makes me think of him, and I’d end up speaking too much. I’m sure you don’t mind that, right, Diana?”

“Of course not,” Diana lied through her teeth. “We’ve already divorced. I don’t even mind if you two got
married now.”

It would serve to help Diana accept the truth and reality.

“That’s true. You were a stand–in from the start, so I’m afraid you were already aware that you could

be with him.”

“If there’s nothing else, Miss Winnington, I’ll take my leave,” Diana said, not wanting to listen to Kayla
for another minute.

She had every intention of turning around to leave, but now that Kayla knew there was big trouble in
the relationship between Diana and Julian, she changed her plans of tormenting Diana in the company
and said, “Stop!”

Even though Kayla’s tone was rude and unkind, she was still Diana’s superior in the company. So,
Diana obeyed and asked, “What is it?”

Compared to Diana, Kayla looked like a clown with her makeup. Kayla couldn’t help the slight feeling of
inferiority creeping into her heart, however brief. She braced herself quickly and threw a document at

“You’re fired.”

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