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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 387

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 387

Diana now lived in the hospital’s recuperation center where everything was arranged for her, so she
didn’t need to worry about her life or meals; she was recovering well.

Keeping Oliver’s words in mind, Diana soon returned to work.

However, she didn’t expect the company to have gone crazy about her miscarriage. Even Jayden, who
had been rather cordial with her, was back to despising her once more.

It didn’t take much to figure out that Kayla was behind all this.

Diana tried her best to ignore them and focus on her own designs, but Kayla was clearly not going to
let her be.

Soon, Diana was called into Kayla’s office.

This was the first time they had met since Julian brought up reconciling with Diana.

Diana was uncomfortable at first sight of Kayla. The feeling didn’t stem from their conflict or their
problems. Rather… It was Kayla’s face.

At one point in time, the features of the two sisters had only at most been seventy percent similar. The
differences lay in the charm of their eyes and brows; Kayla favored the more innocent–looking youthful
image, while Diana preferred modesty and dignity.

But now, Kayla had deliberately shaped her eyes to match Diana’s, as though saying even if she
couldn’t match Diana’s temperament, she could at least do it in appearance.

She had also changed her usually thinner brows to Diana’s thicker ones.

With this, the similarity between the two had climbed higher and was now about ninety percent.

Diana was so disturbed that she approached Kayla aggressively. She slammed both hands on the
table, and asked bluntly, “Kayla, between the two of us… Was I your substitute, or were you mine?”

Kayla was stunned. She didn’t expect Diana to ask such a question out of the blue after not seeing
each other for a long time.

Strictly speaking, Diana was right.

Kayla had stolen Diana’s credit for saving Julian and made herself Diana’s substitute to get where she

But how could she ever admit that?

“Me? Your substitute? Hah! Diana, did you hit your head on the wall or something?” Kayla replied with
narrowed eyes, intent on rubbing salt on Diana’s wound. “Don’t you know well enough whether Julian
loves you or me more?”

Of course she did.

If Diana hadn’t known, she wouldn’t have gone so far as to divorce him.

And now, based on Kayla’s tone….

“So, it seems you know about our divorce.”

Julian loved Kayla to the point that he wouldn’t stop from telling her everything.

Of course, it was only natural he had to tell the woman he loved immediately once the divorce went
through, right?

He needed to let Kayla know that they now had a new start.

“Isn’t that what you’ve been hoping for?” Diana mocked. “Now that your dream has come true, you can
be Mrs. Fulcher! But… You better pray not to get pregnant in your life, or fall into my hands!”

Diana’s gaze turned ruthless. “Sooner or later, when Julian no longer favors you… When I become
stronger, I’ll definitely make you pay for what you did to my babies!”

The steel in Diana’s eyes was terrifying; she looked as if she wanted to eat Kayla alive. Fury radiated
from her, and she resembled a demon from hell.

Kayla swallowed harshly, but quickly realized the critical points in Diana’s words.

Firstly, Diana and Julian were divorced.

Secondly, Diana thought the woman Julian loved was her, Kayla!

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