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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 386

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 386

Diana did need an outlet right now, but she didn’t feel that she and Oliver were close enough for her to
vent to him.

And yet, he was the only person here that she could confide in.

“I have a friend…”

Diana felt a little hypocritical when she started like that, but seeing that Oliver didn’t have any
judgemental look on his face, she was relieved and continued, “I have a friend who’s in the same
situation as me. Divorced and has just lost a baby.”

It was so obvious that she was actually talking about herself, but Oliver played along and pretended not
to have noticed it.

“Okay. And what happened after that?”

His eyes were warm, and his voice was gentle. Without realizing it, Diana started to spill everything.

“She blames herself for the loss of her baby. She really wanted to get a proper explanation for the loss,
but the baby’s father kept letting go of the woman who hurt her. This incident made my friend realize
that it was impossible for her husband to actually love her, so she decided to be firm and get a divorce.
Apart from that, my friend’s now ex–husband used to treat her as a substitute for the other woman.”

Diana traced her finger on the glass, helplessness in her eyes as she continued, “But…”


“But… My friend said that she would always think of her ex–husband. She couldn’t stop thinking about
everything that happened between her ex–husband and the other woman. Daily new chapters upload
only on alaniniz(dot)com She couldn’t help but wonder about him, and sometimes subconsciously
compared all the men around her to him. In other words, thoughts of her ex–husband would always
pop up in her mind. She also felt like she wasn’t a good mother, much less a normal person.”

Diana looked up and met Oliver’s eyes, a feeling of uselessness evident on her face as she said sadly,
“The story should end with her isolating herself from her ex–husband and to stop loving him, right?”

“No,” Oliver said firmly. “Why do you have to give the story an ending? Wouldn’t it be better to let it
develop naturally?”

Diana was stunned by his unexpected answer.


“Let her develop in her own story, in her own world, and stop focusing so much on her ex–husband,”
Oliver said. “I assume your friend’s ex–husband must be an outstanding man. Otherwise, a woman
wouldn’t love him so much. Isn’t it normal for a good man to be attractive? Why would your friend think
it’s only normal not to love him?”

Diana was dumbfounded.

No one had ever spoken to her about this problem from this perspective.

It turns out that falling in love with Julian hadn’t been a sin, and it wasn’t abnormal for her to be unable

let Julian go right now. She had been stubborn, taking the bull by the horns when tackling this issue.
She always thought about how to stay away and have clear boundaries, but unbeknownst to her,

everything she did only made it easier to get caught up in thinking about him all the time.

But after Oliver said that, Diana seemed to understand the problem in her heart.

“I see…!” Diana said sincerely to Oliver as she raised her glass. “Thanks for clearing up my friend’s

“Your friend hasn’t even heard my advice yet. How would you know if I helped her with her doubts?”
Oliver joked.

Diana froze.

Ah, she had nearly exposed herself.

Diana quickly cleared her throat and toasted Oliver before trying to cover up. “I’ll give her a call after we
eat. We’re close, so I can probably guess what’s on her mind, even if I haven’t told her yet. I’m sure
she’ll be enlightened after listening to your words!”

Diana’s smile was indeed brighter by a lot now.

Oliver’s heart also lightened along with her mood.

“If your friend has any more doubts, feel free to talk to me anytime.”

“Oh, there is one part I’m sure she’d ask…” Diana said. “When you said her own world, were you
talking about how women have their own careers nowadays?”

“Yes, that’s right,” Oliver said softly, as if he was afraid of scaring her. He looked calm amid the
crowded restaurant. “Having your own career isn’t only about having money. It’s also about having
self–respect, self- love, a broader vision, and a more open mind. It’s so they don’t think that love is the
only thing in the world for them, and they won’t get trapped in it.”

Oliver thought for a bit and added, “As for whether your friend will still love her ex–husband at the
end… It wouldn’t seem so important anymore, right?”

Diana nodded. “Let it develop naturally, as you said.”

She lowered her eyes and mused, “Perhaps it’s true that she trapped herself by thinking so.”

Diana really should look away from this triangle between her, Julian, and Kayla, and look at the bigger
picture instead.

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