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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 383

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 383

Diana’s eyes were like apricots, round and full. They were akin to ripples on water, and just a glance
left one feeling thrilled to the point of being reluctant to breathe.

Oliver wasn’t someone easily distracted by appearances, but he was still slightly dazed at the way
Diana looked at him.

His brain seemed to have received an electric shock; he was momentarily stunned to the point he was
unable to speak. After a few moments, he finally said, “I’m fine with anything.”

His answer was so different from Julian’s. The latter would’ve snatched her phone roughly and said,
“Food recommendations? You don’t need those. Just follow me.”

Julian had always been a domineering man, and would never say things as Oliver did.

However, Oliver was willing to go along with her words.

The two men were really different.

Diana rarely had contact with men other than Julian. Now that she had learned she had mistaken the
relationship between Oliver and Fanny, she became even more cautious, lest she misunderstood
anything between them.

“Then, let’s go to this restaurant,” Diana said, sending the location to Oliver.

The place was close to the city, and more people were around the area. Though it wasn’t private or
intimate, the restaurant had a good atmosphere that was suited to the two of them dining together.

“Sure,” Oliver said as he opened his navigation app and glanced at it. “I go to this one often.”

The restaurant was known for its spicy food, but Oliver couldn’t really stomach spices and would
usually take the milder–tasting ones.

Diana’s current condition made it unsuitable for her to eat too spicy things either, but she probably
chose this location more for the environment rather than the food.

She was still a little on guard toward him, it seemed, and would prefer a place with more people

Diana instantly lit up. “How’s the food there? Is it tasty?”

“It’s okay,” Oliver replied. “It’s good value for money.”

Again, his replies were much different from Julian’s. Julian didn’t bother thinking about price when he
ate, let alone value for money. His mindset was simply about whether he wanted or felt like having it.

The same mindset applied to her and Kayla, too.

He had never asked Diana if she would feel hurt about anything.

Diana felt a dull ache in her heart when she thought of him, and subconsciously shifted her gaze to
look out

the window.

Oliver saw the shift in her mood and continued driving silently without comment.

Diana didn’t speak again until they were seated at the restaurant.

“What’s going on with you and Fanny?”

They couldn’t have gone from lovers to siblings without a good reason, right?

“She was adopted by my family,” Oliver said. “But her position is special, and it’s rarely brought up.”

Diana quickly understood why Oliver had never explained his relationship with Fanny.

“I’m sorry,” Diana said. “Looking at it that way, the hush money that Nina and I accepted before feels
like we shouldn’t have taken it since your relationship wasn’t what it looked like…”

“That’s fine,” Oliver said with a calm look, his eyes as warm as ever.

Although Oliver’s temperament differed from Julian’s, they both had the similarity of not letting others
easily tell what they were feeling.

The two men really weren’t ordinary people.

Oliver’s voice was light and patient as he explained, “Now you know that she’s my sister and her
relationship with my family, which is also a secret. Nina will know about it from you eventually. After all
the ups and downs, there will still be a need for hush money.”

Diana was speechless.

“Why didn’t I realize how eloquent you were before this?”

With his words, all the guilt Diana felt when she and Nina had first accepted Oliver’s hush money
dissipated instantly.

“There are many things you still don’t know about me. You can take your time finding out.”

Just as Diana was about to reply, a server brought the food and placed a small ticket at the edge of the

“Here’s your food. Enjoy!”

Diana smiled politely in response. “Thank you.“

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