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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 384

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 384

When Diana looked up and closed at the server’s face, she suddenly felt that the latter looked


She stared at the server for a while, and a trace of nervousness appeared on his face.

“Do you need anything else?”

“No, it’s nothing,” Diana said, waving her hand. “Sorry I kept staring at you. I don’t need anything else.”

The server nodded and left. He walked around the corner and opened the watch on his wrist, which
had a

video call turned on.

“Mr. Fulcher,” he greeted respectfully. “Ma’am almost recognized me.”

“Hmm,” Julian responded from the small video.

His handsome features were clear on the small screen. It looked like the sun was casting soft rays on
him, as he looked to be covered in a layer of golden light. There was an air of arrogance around him
that was hard to ignore, even if the exchange happened through a video call.

He had watched the entire scene play out before him clearly through the miniature pinhole camera.

Diana’s smile was especially attention-grabbing.

She had smiled at Oliver more times in the few minutes than she had at him in the last few months!

“Keep watching,” Julian instructed.

If Diana and Oliver dared to go into a hotel or something, he would be there in a heartbeat!


Just as the server was about to cut the call, Diana suddenly appeared and yanked the watch away.


Julian’s originally dull eyes instantly lit up, and the corner of his lips curled into a smile. His actions and
movements made his face appear even more superior and dashing on the small screen.

“Diana,” he replied evenly.

“Did you send someone to spy on me?!” Diana’s face was red with anger, and she sounded obviously

She knew there was something wrong, hence why she followed the server after he left, only to hear
Julian’s voice!

“It’s not spying,” Julian replied easily. “I’m just confirming your relationship with Oliver. Didn’t you say I’ll
chase mine while you chase yours?”

Since she had said so, he was in the right to keep track of her pursuit of Oliver while he was chasing
her, right?

Either way, Julian simply wanted Diana within his sight at all times.

He wouldn’t let anything happen to her again!

However, Diana saw this differently. Julian’s behavior clearly made her think that something was wrong

his brain.

“Then go ahead and pursue Kayla! It broke her heart when you were with me before, right? Otherwise,
why would you go through the trouble of sending her flowers today?” Diana hissed in one breath,
sounding as if she had suppressed her discontent for a long time. “If you want to chase after her, go
ahead! Stop trying to lump me together with her. It’s really disgusting!”

Julian was confused. “When did I send her flowers? And since when did I want to pursue her?”

This entire time, he never thought of lumping Diana with Kayla.

Diana sneered. “You know what you did.”

She paused for a moment before continuing in one breath, “I don’t have babies in my belly anymore.
You don’t have to trouble yourself by pretending to please me. We’re already divorced, so there’s even
less need to pretend to care about me. I don’t need that from you!”

After she finished talking, she cut off the call decisively.

Every word she said cut into Julian like a sharp knife.

The photo Kayla had sent Diana, with the former standing in the middle of a pile of flowers in front of
the animal clinic, was burned vividly into her memory. Even right now, Diana felt like she could see it
before her


Kayla had smiled so beautifully and happily.

But her happiness had been built on Diana’s suffering and pain, on the lives of her babies, and Julian’s

How was Diana supposed to suppress the anger raging in her heart?

She was so angry, she felt that the words she had thrown in Julian’s face were too light.

She should’ve been more ruthless, and she should’ve said it to his face in person. She should’ve asked
whether he had a heart and conscience, and whether he dreamed of their babies when he slept at


His answer would highly likely be no.

The existence of her babies had been an accident, and it was something out of his control.

To Julian, the babies’ departure, their divorce, and his return to Kayla was perhaps the right track he
was looking for.

Diana couldn’t deal with these thoughts right now. It made her head hurt terribly. She returned the
watch to the server and returned to her seat, distraught.

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