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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 380

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 380

Forget it.

Julian wouldn’t place Diana as his first priority, anyway.

“You don’t like it?” Julian asked when he noticed her frown. “Did I bring you to the wrong place? But…
don’t. all women like small animals?”

The only other woman Julian had by his side was Kayla. He had probably lied and brought Diana here
to practice how he could make Kayla happy.

Thinking that she had once again become a substitute and even a test subject for him, Diana’s face


“Go and get your shot.”

Diana was suddenly uninterested in these furry little animals.

Julian took one look at her expression, and knew at once he had said something wrong.

“I’ve never brought Kayla to such a place.‘

“Did I mention her?” Diana shot back, a rare aggressiveness in her tone. “What does it matter if you did
or not?”

He’d still have other chances to bring Kayla here in the future, right?

There would be many more moments in their lives together, but Diana’s time with Julian would end

Julian wanted to retort, but he swallowed the words when he saw how angry she looked.

Never mind.

He would get Noel to deliver flowers to her and lift her mood first. As for the explanation, they could talk

about it later.

Seeing how Julian turned around without a word and headed into the consultation room to get his shot
only served to convince her that she had been right, and her anger rose higher. Diana didn’t
understand why she would come here with her ex–husband.

She hadn’t been paying attention, but now that she looked around, most of the people around her were
obviously couples..

She must have lost her mind!

With a snort, Diana quickly pushed open the door of the animal clinic and fled like a refugee on the run.

By the time Julian came out and Noel had arrived with the flowers, turning the entrance of the animal
clinic. into a sea of color, Diana was gone.

Julian’s face turned as black as a raincloud. “Where is she?”

Noel gulped. “I haven’t seen her since I arrived, sir.”

Soon, the clinic pulled out their surveillance for Julian to watch. Julian clearly saw that after he went in

the injection, the woman didn’t even spare him a glance before leaving the place.

Wasn’t she worried about him, even just a little?

As he wondered, his phone beeped, indicating that he had received a message.

[Ex–husband, you chase your woman, and I’ll chase my man. We have nothing to do with each other,
and our paths shouldn’t cross. As for the babies, let’s not bring them up anymore.]

Diana was still powerless to touch Kayla at this moment, but one day, she would make sure Kayla and
Mr. Carter pay their dues.

Julian put away his phone and looked at the scratches on his face, his heart almost bursting with anger.


Julian threw his phone on the ground.

“Send someone…” Julian said coldly, his sharp eyes on Noel. “To follow Oliver. Report to me if he
makes contact with Diana!”

Julian wanted to see just how Diana intended to chase Oliver.

Noel asked meekly, “What about these flowers, sir?”

Julian glanced around calmly and said, “Throw them all away.

However, he was unaware that Kayla was watching. She was more or less recovered from the ordeal.

the outside, it was hard to tell that Julian had tampered with her fertility.

She hid in the shadows, watching the cruel man, and her eyes looked as if they could spit fire.

So, he said he didn’t love her, did he?

But she wanted him to love her!

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