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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 378

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Chapter 378

Diana was curious, so she took a few steps in Oliver’s direction.

This was what Julian happened to see, and he was furious.


Julian walked up the stairs with a dark face and stopped before her, sandwiches and milk in hand.

“What’s the meaning of this?”

Julian was much too imposing, and it caused Diana to back up continuously until she hit a corner.

“What on earth are you talking about?”

“You and Oliver!”

Julian was holding a plate of sandwiches, and his hands were visibly shaking. After taking care of her
last night, he had gone to buy ingredients suitable for her current diet to make her favorite sandwiches
in the restaurant here early this morning.

Yet, what about them?

Julian took a deep breath, possessiveness filling his eyes as he demanded, “Why are you chasing after
other men so early in the morning?”

Even though there was nothing wrong with his tone, Diana still gritted her teeth when she heard him.


Chasing men? Diana had only wanted to catch up to Oliver to ask him about his relationship with

“Here I was, afraid that you would be upset. But you aren’t at all, are you? As soon as another man
appears, you can’t wait to leave everything behind, right?”

Julian knew there was little chance of anything happening between Diana and Oliver at this moment,
but he couldn’t help but say, “Did Oliver play a part in your divorce from me? If he were a factor, we’d
get our marriage reinstated immediately!”

“Julian, there’s something wrong with your brain, isn’t there?!” Diana was so angry she wanted to bash
his head, and she tried, but her short, slender hands only reached his shoulders, and she gave up after
a while.

As she hit him, flashes of her drunken episode from last night floated into her mind.

She peered closer at Julian’s face, and….

“Was it me who left those scratches on your


“No.” Julian suddenly smiled when she brought that up, his attitude changing immediately. “A naughty
kitten did it.”

Diana was speechless, but it seemed to have nothing to do with her.

Was there a problem with her memories?

Why did it feel like she had been the one to scratch him…?

But since Julian wouldn’t admit it, Diana wouldn’t make a peep about it.

Regardless, she returned to the previous topic.

“Even if I wanted to go after Oliver, it’s none of your business! You’re just my ex–husband now, Mr.
Fulcher. It doesn’t matter who I’m with or why we divorced. What matters most is that we lost two
babies, and we’re now divorced. You have no right to meddle in any of my affairs.”

The words “ex–husband” stung Julian hard.

The wounds on his face seemed to flare in pain following that, and it was impossible to ignore the

He frowned and suddenly said nonsensically, “Do I need a rabies shot since a cat scratched me?”

Diana was speechless, but Julian then looked at her seriously and said, “Eat your breakfast, then take
me to get a shot.”

Then, Julian turned in the direction where he had last seen Oliver and said, “He won’t come back to
see you. His father will hold him in the hospital room all day today.”

“How do you know that?” Diana asked.

“I just know,” Julian said, waving his phone with a smug look. “I just happened to know his old man, you

…Stay out of things between us.”

“What’s going on between you two?” Julian asked, still keeping her confined in the corner. He tried to
stop himself from thinking about the word “ex–husband” and smiled broadly. “Are you going to fall in
love soon? And then get married? Does he know that you divorced me for him?”

Diana flushed at his barrage of questions, and she took a vicious bite out of her sandwich, still in the
man’s confines.

“You’re unbelievable!”

“Yeah. Since you know how I am, hurry up and eat, then take me to get my shot.”

Diana thought he had been joking, but to her surprise, he actually brought her to the animal clinic after
she finished eating.

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