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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 373

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 373

After saying that, Diana shoved Julian away roughly.

“You stink! So smelly! Stay away from me!”

Shocked by her drastic mood swing, Julian could only sigh and clean himself up before returning to her
side. But this time, he was forceful in his attempts to help her change.

“You stink too.”

Once he cleaned her up, he could help her soothe her stomach. Then, he would stay by her side and
get some


In the state she was in, she wouldn’t be able to lie down peacefully.

However, Diana was extremely stubborn.

“I stink? Haha… How could a fake like you say that to me?”

As she said that, Diana raised a hand to slap Julian again. Although there wasn’t much strength behind
her blow, the sound of skin hitting skin echoed out loud in the room.

Diana was stunned. “How can an illusion feel so real?”

Julian suddenly came closer to her face, then placed a hand over her hand that was on his face to
squeeze his


“Do you feel this?”

Diana nodded dumbly. “Yes…”

“I’m real. I’m not an illusion,” Julian said, concluding the fact. Then he pointed to the mess in the room
and said, “Now, you’ll work with me and change out of your dirty clothes, okay?”

After hearing his words, Diana was suddenly very aware of the unpleasant smell in the room. Instantly,
her face scrunched up, and she felt like throwing up again.

Julian hurriedly put his hand to her lips, afraid she would dirty herself again.

He had taken care of Diana before, but he had never dealt with such a filthy scene.

Come to think of it, many firsts in his life had been given to her.

And all of them had been given willingly.

Diana noticed his gentle and warm eyes. Then, she noticed their state and position, and a sense of
uneasiness came over her, and she pushed his hand away.

“You don’t have to do this for me. We’re already divorced.”

Since they were divorced, they had nothing to do with each other anymore.

There was even less need for Julian to care for her like this.

It was clear that Diana was setting boundaries, and Julian felt his heart turn cold at the look in her eyes.


Surprisingly, Julian was at a loss for words at this moment, and he didn’t know what to say.

Diana was blaming him.

She blamed him for what happened to their children.

Julian also blamed himself.

However, the fact was that it had already happened, and there was nothing they could do but accept it.

But what made it harder for him to accept was that the person Diana blamed the most was herself.
Otherwise, she wouldn’t have tortured herself by drinking herself into this state.

The thought gave Julian a dull pain in his chest, like a thorn was consistently poking his heart. He didn’t
say a word as he cleaned up the filth, threw out the mess, and then quickly took out new sheets and
covers to change.

His actions were easy and smooth the whole time, and it looked like he had done this a thousand
times. His movements were completely devoid of the arrogant and dignified CEO that he was.

While Diana had been in a coma, Julian had gotten used to doing these things.

He hadn’t let anyone else take over her care back then either.

The same was true now.

Diana was his woman. He needed to do these things personally for her.

To Diana’s astonishment, after he cleaned up everything, he came over with a towel to wipe her face
and rinse her mouth without any explanation.

Diana was tempted to avoid his hands many times, but the look in his eyes stopped her, and she didn’t
dare to struggle as he cleaned her face.

This man…the majestic and superior air around him was not a joke to be trifled with.

“So tell me,” Julian said, coming over with scissors in hand. “Will you change your dirty clothes
yourself, or do you want me to cut them off and change them for you?”

…I’ll do it on my own,” Diana replied.

She had already sobered up some, and wasn’t as drunk as before.


Julian turned around to give her some privacy to change.

Once she was done changing, Julian wiped her hands, feet, face, and neck with a towel again.”

“This is weird,” Diana said as she lay on the bed, looking up at the chandelier on the ceiling.

The wind blew outside the window, causing the chandelier to sway gently.

Diana felt that the swaying accurately represented her mood right now; floating, insecure, and not
knowing where she would land once the wind died down.

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