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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 379

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Chapter 379

“You can take a look around,” Julian said.

He was a head taller than Diana, and the two of them standing together made them look like the most
adorable couple with big height differences. Because of this, many people kept looking their way.

Julian looked like he was enjoying himself as he deliberately pulled Diana into the crowd, pointing to

with cats inside. “If you like any of them, you can buy them today.”

Julian had read somewhere that these cute, furry animals could soothe the heart of a sad woman.

He had failed to save their babies, but he would do all he could to make her feel happy and comforted.

Like giving her the divorce and taking her to see little animals.

Even if she said she liked Oliver and wanted to chase after the latter, Julian probably could…plaster on
a smile and help her until the two got together.

“I’m still hospitalized,” Diana pointed out, but her eyes were drawn to the cats.

Further down, there were also many dogs and cute, furry animals surrounding them. It made her heart
warm with love.

“Where am I supposed to keep them in the hospital?”

“That’s okay,” Julian smiled. “I’ll bring it home to the villa first. You’ll see it once you recover and return.”

At these words, Diana fell silent again.

He feared Diana would once again remind him that they were divorced, and she shouldn’t return to the
villa to stay with him any longer.

He wouldn’t give her a chance to say that, and so quickly turned away first.

“I’m going to meet the doctor administering the vaccination.”

Speaking of which, Diana hastily grabbed his sleeves, “It really wasn’t me who scratched




But in truth, it was.

Julian just didn’t want her to feel guilty about it. He was also only going to ask about the vaccination
and not really going to take it.

After he left, Diana breathed a sigh of relief before a silver–striped cat caught her eyes.

It was napping in a paper box, looking particularly content and well–behaved.

Diana cautiously reached over to pet its silky fur, but before she could, it lunged at her and was about
to scratch her hand.

She tried to retract her hand, but her wrist was stuck in between the bars of the cage, and she couldn’t
get free in the heat of the moment.

It looked like Diana would need to join Julian in getting a rabies vaccination.


Diana had her eyes closed as she waited for the pain of getting scratched, but it didn’t come. Instead, a
large hand had closed on her wrist, holding it firmly out of harm’s way.

Diana opened her eyes and froze, trailing up to meet the eyes of the hand’s owner.


Hadn’t he gone to ask about the vaccination?

How did he appear by her side so quickly?

“I’m already going to get the shot anyway,” Julian said with a light tone as he carefully guided her to
retract her hand from inside the cage. “It doesn’t matter if I get scratched a few more times to make it
worth it.”

A man who earned hundreds of millions of dollars a day was actually talking about making a
vaccination worth it by getting scratched a few more times, like getting a good supermarket deal…?

“Do you still want to pet it?” Julian asked after noticing her dumbfounded expression, and he couldn’t
help but grip her hand tighter. “I can hold your hand to do it if you want to.”

“N–No, it’s fine,” Diana said, hurriedly pulling her hand out of his grip as if it burned.

She had already noticed that Julian was lying.

The scratches on his face were a little thicker than the ones on his hand. The depth of them was not
the same either.

If she remembered correctly, she had scratched his face back on her drunken night in the cemetery.

However, she didn’t dare ask him the reason for him being there.

It wouldn’t be surprising that he went to see the babies and brought her back since he saw her there.


If he missed the babies, why wouldn’t he hand over Kayla to her?

It was just a matter of who had priority.

As a stand–in, Diana felt like her brain had been hard–wired into a long, complicated knot. Whenever
she thought too deeply about something, her brain would hurt from how complex the knot in it was.

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