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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 377

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 377

A sinner had to atone for their sins.

“Don’t worry,” Diana continued. “From now on, I’ll really draw a line with Julian.”

Whether Julian loved Kayla or Diana, none of it had anything to do with Diana anymore.

ctually, when Diana recovered her strength, she would definitely collect on the debt that was owed to


It was the first time Diana had gotten drunk, so she was in a daze when she woke up the next morning.
She lay in bed blankly for a while before she got up. After washing up, she


This was a new ward she was in. Even though they called it a ward, it was more of an area in the
hospital that

had been sectioned off.

It was made to look like a hotel, and the people living here were all wealthy. There were all sorts of food

drinks available.

It was more like a vacation rather than a hospital stay.

Madam Fulcher had booked a place for Diana here to recuperate.

Upon recalling this, Diana hurriedly called Madam Fulcher and told the latter about how she had gotten
drunk, and apologized for not seeing her last night.

Madam Fulcher laughed. “It’s fine, I can understand. Make sure to rest well. Once you recover, come
see me with Julian, and I’ll be satisfied.”

See her with Julian…

However, they were divorced.

Diana wanted to remind Madam Fulcher of this, but she held back when thinking about the older
woman’s kind face.

There was no need to be too blunt about some things as long as she herself knew where the
boundaries lay.


Diana would visit Madam Fulcher, but definitely not with her ex–husband.

She was about to hang up when she turned and bumped into someone.

“Oliver?” Diana exclaimed in surprise and amazement. “Why are you here?”

“My dad’s hospitalized here,” Oliver said in a helpless tone. “Even though we’re not on good terms, he
pressured the hospital’s dean and insisted I come here every day.”

With that out of the way, he asked Diana, “And you?”

“I’m also hospitalized here,” Diana shrugged with feigned indifference, then gestured to her belly. “Vans
should’ve told you already that the babies are no more.”

Oliver’s eyes widened drastically. It was obvious he hadn’t heard from Vans, and was only learning of

news now.

“I once made you suffer through a beating from Julian for them,” Diana said. Fearing that the
atmosphere would become too heavy, she deliberately tried to lighten it up. “I was going to have them
call you uncle when they were born, but I guess that won’t happen…‘

Even at this juncture, she was still in the mood to joke.


Oliver’s eyes were filled with pain, but he glanced around before asking, “Where’s Julian?”

At a woman’s most vulnerable moment, how could her husband not be around to comfort her?

“We’ve divorced,” Diana said flatly, as if she were simply recounting what she had eaten today.

But to Oliver, her words were an earth–shattering explosion that had been set off right beside his ear.

What? Diana was divorced?!

Knowing it wasn’t the time to talk about feelings, Oliver still opened his mouth and said, “Fanny and I
aren’t a couple. We’re siblings.”

When he finished speaking, he leaned over and whispered in Diana’s ear, “Get some rest, okay? I’ll
see you


Diana was speechless. Somehow, it felt like something had changed in that short moment.

Yet, she couldn’t grasp what exactly it was.

Only after Oliver had turned and almost disappeared from her sight did she abruptly return to her

“You and Fanny don’t even have the same surname! How could you be…siblings?”

However, Oliver was already far away from her and could no longer hear her question.

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