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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 376

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 376

In regards to Diana and Kayla, Julian behaved completely differently toward either.

However, he could no longer say these words to Diana.

Because she didn’t believe him.

Because she had told him to let her


Because they…had already received their divorce certificates.

For a split second, Julian wanted to rush back into the room and tell her that he didn’t want to break up.
He wanted to tell her that he wanted to return to the time when they were still married, that he wanted
her to

stay in the villa and hoped she would stay by his side…

Even so, he didn’t dare to.

He would only cause her stress by being near her.

Diana cried for about an hour before finally stopping. Julian pressed harder against the door to listen
carefully, and heard the sound of running water coming from inside. Based on that, he guessed that
Diana had gone to take a shower.

He was afraid she would slip and fall after drinking so much.

He hurriedly looked for the caregiver and nutritionist that Madam Fulcher had assigned to Diana, and
got them to come over to check on Diana’s condition under the guise of communicating with Diana.

“Everything’s fine,” the nutritionist said. “Before coming out, we gave Miss Winnington some soup for
her hangover, so please rest assured.”

“Alright,” Julian said with a nod. He then corrected the nutritionist, “Call her Mrs. Fulcher.”

Miss Winnington? No! He doesn’t even want her title to be cut off..

The nutritionist was obviously stunned, but nonetheless replied, “Understood, sir.”

Julian then left.

Diana had actually heard him all the while. The soundproofing of the door to the ward wasn’t very good,
and with the nutritionist’s presence at this hour, she knew that someone keeping an eye on her had
called the nutritionist.

Yet, she didn’t understand.

“Why would a man who didn’t love me care so much about me? Why would a man who didn’t love me,
and could even ignore the departure of his babies from the world, who turned on me and protected
another woman and his housekeeper… Why would he act reluctant to part from our marriage?”

Nina was confused by Diana’s sudden call.

“Did you have a fight with Julian, Diana?”

“No,” Diana replied, shaking her head. “What’s there to fight about when we’re already divorced?”

They had simply drawn a line between them, but Julian kept acting strangely, constantly giving her the
impression that he loved her very much.

But how was that possible?

He had clearly once again chosen Kayla over her.

Diana told Nina everything she had asked Julian at the cemetery.


“I was dazed and confused at that time, and I didn’t feel sad. I just thought it was expected then. But
now that I’m sober, I feel like someone dug my heart out and left an empty hole in place.”

“It’s no surprise that he didn’t want to give up Kayla, though.” Nina’s voice was filled with
disappointment.” But why would he spare even Mr. Carter? Even though many factors caused what
happened to the babies, you probably would’ve discovered the abnormality at your next checkup. If it
hadn’t been for what Kayla and Mr. Carter did, it would have been so early…”

And that was the part that Diana minded the most.

“But he wouldn’t punish them, nor hand them over to me!” Diana laughed bitterly. “When I mentioned
Kayla, he kept his mouth shut as if he was afraid of what I might do to her.”

Nina felt her anger climb higher as she listened.

“That scumbag! He brought up divorce back then because of Kayla! It’s good you’ve divorced him! I’ll
help you find a better man one day!”

A better man…

Was there a better man than Julian in this world?

Even if he didn’t love her, even if he had been so excessive, so biased, she still…didn’t think that he
was fully in the wrong.

The biggest flaw he had was that he didn’t love her, and along with that…meant that he hadn’t loved
their babies very much either.

The joy of conceiving the babies had been one–sided on her end, after all.

Eventually, she would no longer have a bias toward him, and…even her love would gradually

Diana looked at the divorce certificate she had just received today, and the scissors he had left in her
ward before leaving. She also recalled the domineering and eager kiss he had given her not too long
ago and suddenly felt uneasy again.

“Nina, do you think I’m worthless? I’ve disappointed my babies.”

Even if she was now divorced and appeared more determined than ever on the surface, she knew
deep in her heart that it was impossible for her to hate Julian to the bone immediately.

Before Nina could answer, Diana muttered, “To the babies, I am a sinner.”

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