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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 375

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 375

What was the point of that?

“Have you forgotten? When you loved me as Kayla in those three years, we shared so many kisses
and even had a baby together! But that didn’t stop the fact that I wasn’t the one in your mind.”

Diana stated the truth in a ruthless and cruel manner.

“Julian, we shouldn’t lie to ourselves. Just admit that I’m simply a stand–in in your heart, and that
Kayla’s more important to you than me.‘

This was the fundamental reason she had insisted on the divorce.

The only way to get away from Kayla was to get away from Julian, and only by staying away from them
would she be free from the conflict in her life.

That was the only way…to stay away from the pain of losing her babies.

If not, every time she saw him, she would think about how her love for him had been one–sided all this
while, and trusting him was the very reason she had lost her babies.

Diana was too ashamed to face them in this state.

She still couldn’t save their lives, even if she regretted it to death.

“Let me go,” Diana said, taking a tissue and wiping off the traces of him that were on her lips. “Julian…
I’m tired.”

Under the dim light, Diana looked so helpless and worn down. She looked like she had fallen into a
lone boat in a whirlpool and couldn’t find shore, much less have another lifeline to grab on..

She was the only one who could save herself.

All Julian could do was give her time and support her silently.

To make it that far, Julian would have to completely accept the fact that they were divorced, but such a
thing would tear his heart open.

Despite that, he knew he had to agree.

“Alright. I’ll let you go,” Julian said. “Since we’re divorced, we should do as you say and mind our own

With that said, he returned the towel to the table and said, “Take care of yourself.”

Her red and swollen eyes seemed to turn damp again, and she could only look up in hopes that her
tears wouldn’t fall again.

“Yes. Don’t worry about me, Mr. Fulcher.”

Until the door closed behind him, Diana still couldn’t figure out why she still harbored deep feelings for
him despite suffering so much when she had been with him.

When she got the divorce certificate, she didn’t feel that the separation had sunk in. But at this
moment, she finally understood there was no going back.

The divorce certificate was proof that two people had divorced, and no longer had anything to do with
each other.

Diana didn’t have to hate Julian anymore for favoring Kayla over her, let alone…expect him to return


After this, she and Julian would only drift further apart.

It was like someone had taken a tweezer and pulled the hairs on her body out one by one. The pain
was so apparent and spread over her entire body, but she was powerless to fight it and let it slowly
invade all her


Then, she silently told herself…

That this would soon pass.

Whether it was the pain of losing her babies, or the pain of leaving Julian and deciding to stop loving
him, or no longer anticipating suffering…

All of it would pass.

She would have her life back and be better off than when Julian was in her life.

Julian didn’t leave.

After leaving the hospital room, he stood in the doorway and listened to the suppressed sobs coming
from Diana’s room. He leaned heavily against the door frame, feeling helpless.

He couldn’t bear to leave.

He dearly wanted to hold her, tell her to cry if she wanted to, and laugh if she was happy. But with their
babies gone, he didn’t feel he had the right to do so.

Even his sincerity had turned into a bucket of lies.

She didn’t believe that he loved her, and that in the three years they were together…

Diana was never once a substitute.

Julian had simply mistaken his feelings, and thought he had seen Diana as Kayla.

But in reality, Kayla was her own person, and so was Diana.

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