Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 374

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 374

Diana repeated the statement, “We’re divorced.”

Once a couple divorced, they should keep a distance and not be in the strange circumstance Julian
and she were in at the moment.

Julian heard her repeat the same words, and he couldn’t help but clench his fist tightly. His lean, sharp
jawline tensed and loosened a few times before he finally asked, “Do you still love me?”

Diana choked, and her face turned redder than before. She couldn’t help but retract her hand from his

“What nonsense are you talking about?”

Why would a divorced couple talk about whether they loved each other?

However, Julian didn’t let up and reached out to turn her face to his. Meeting her eyes, he asked again,
Diana, do you still love me?”

Up close, Julian was startlingly good–looking. In particular, the demeanor of his body made it easy to
get lost

in it.

He was like an addiction, one that didn’t belong to Diana.

She couldn’t let herself get hooked.

Diana averted her eyes and said, “No. Not anymore.”

Then she added in a soft voice, as if asking him but also herself, “If there’s still love, why would I be so
determined to get a divorce?”

Her heart had been broken far too much.

That was all.

“I also have questions for you,” Diana said, not giving Julian a chance to open his mouth and asking
what she had been holding in her heart for a long time.

“During the time when the babies were growing safely in my belly, the words you said to me, the
confessions you made… In a score of ten out of ten, did you at least have a five in sincerity?”

“…I told you a long time ago that me making up with you had nothing to do with the babies. They were
like icing on the cake, but were in no way a key factor of keeping us together.”

His words were so sure and true…

Yet his choices and actions always contradicted his words and broke her heart.

Diana asked stubbornly, “How many points?”

Julian was now visibly upset. “Diana, why won’t you believe me?”

“Why won’t you answer me?”

Diana was already in low spirits. She had suffered so much because she had been a stand–in, and
now, she had lost her babies for too many reasons.

She only wanted a straight answer from him. Why wouldn’t he give her even this?!

Tears filled her eyes filled with tears, bearing countless grief and disappointment.

Julian looked heartbroken, but he deeply understood that Diana was repeatedly questioning his
feelings because the root cause was that she had no trust in him.

Yet, he obviously loved her so much.

Why wouldn’t she come out from the past and take a look at their present?

What exactly was she afraid of?

Julian studied her red and swollen eyes, and his heart welled up with a strange feeling.

“Feel it,” Julian said into her ear as he leaned forward. “Feel how sincere I am.”

With that said, the man cupped her face and pressed his lips against hers.

Diana’s first thought was to escape, but she couldn’t break free from his grip.

Then, she started to slap him frantically.


She wanted him to stop!

This wasn’t the answer she was looking for!

But for Julian, there was no more honest answer than bodily actions.

She was clearly holding back from responding.

Julian had clearly lost control, and dearly wished that he could devour her where she stood.

But rational thoughts had not wholly left him, and he knew that Diana’s body couldn’t handle those
kinds of activity now, so he loosened his hold.

Diana seized the opportunity to bite his lips and yelled furiously, “Get away!”

There was a fierce look in her eyes, and she felt ashamed of her subconscious reaction. The
drunkenness in her mind had dissipated, and she shot the man before her a cold glare.

“Were you trying to prove your sincerity with that kiss?“

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