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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 370

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 370

Julian looked up and felt the ache in his heart deepen. He gazed at the sky, hoping that it would keep
his tears from spilling out.

He placed his hand gently on Diana’s back and patted her.

“Look up in the sky, Diana. They’re watching us from above.”

Diana refused to move. Her mind was numb.

It was as if her mind had split into several people. One was cursing Kayla, another was condemning
Mr. Carter, another was cursing Julian, and the last was cursing herself.

“You’re an idiot. An idiot!”

Diana answered her inner thoughts out loud, “Yes. I’m an idiot. I was the one who failed my babies. I
shouldn’t have been sad during my pregnancy, and I shouldn’t have been so slow to notice that
something was wrong with Mr. Carter…”

After saying that, she suddenly pushed Julian away and pulled out her divorce certificate.

“Look at this!” Diana said, seemingly to empty air. “I’m divorced, so I won’t be sad anymore. I won’t be
stupid anymore…so will you return my babies to me? If I could turn back time and have them back, I
would’ve left Richburgh the first chance I got. I’d leave to a place where no one can find us, and bring
them into the world peacefully…”

Her eyes were so swollen, and she could barely see out of it. Despite that, tears filled her eyes again,
and her entire face looked puffed up.

“If they can’t find us… If they can’t…that would be great. My babies and I would be safe…”

There was so much regret in her voice.

The intention to talk her down instantly vanished from Julian’s heart.

He was also blaming himself.

He blamed himself for not being able to protect the woman he loved and his children.

“So, the divorce really was a way to be free for you,” Julian muttered as he hugged her. He didn’t ask
her to


up into the sky again and said gently, “Aster and Star are watching us. They’re seeing how bad of a
father and husband I am.”

And at the grave of their children, Julian finally shed a tear.

Diana was still caught up in her drunken world, so Julian didn’t get any response from her. That didn’t
anger him. He simply continued patting her back, and slowly massaged her stomach. He hoped she
wouldn’t feel too bad after drinking so much.

In the darkness of the night, Diana cried as Julian listened.

After an unknown amount of time, Diana’s emotions finally settled down a little.

The weather was cool, and a breeze blew past.

Julian was afraid she might catch a cold, so he forcibly picked her up and tried to walk out.

But when Diana sensed his movement and how she was being moved away, she quickly grabbed onto
the headstone.

“I’m not leaving! I want to stay with my babies!”

Diana was going to stay here with them for the rest of her life!

It wasn’t like she had anything left, anyway. Her home, husband, and children were all gone. She might
as well stay here and perish with them.

“Diana,” Julian said with a sigh. He tried to pry her hands off the headstone, but she wouldn’t relent.

Julian knelt on the ground and tried to persuade her, “Grandma’s still waiting for you at the hospital.
Don’t you want to see her and reassure her that you’re fine?”


The word seemed to invoke a warm feeling inside her.

“Grandma…” Diana murmured. “But…she’s not my grandma anymore…”

Diana was already divorced.

She had shamelessly taken the company’s shares but then had lost her babies, the great–
grandchildren that Grandma had been longing for…

Even though Madam Fulcher had assured Diana it was alright, Diana knew that the older woman had
held back her own pain and comforted her. However, the better Madam Fulcher treated her, the more
guilty Diana felt.

She didn’t deserve such a kind elderly woman…

There was still some wine left in the bottle, and Diana picked it up and drank it. Then, she looked at
Julian steadily and said, “You seem so real…”

Julian smiled. “That’s because I’m real.”

Diana’s full attention was on him after she heard his words.

“That’s great! Can I make a wish?”

“What is it?”

“I actually want you to favor me for once…” Diana’s eyes were red, and she looked like a wounded
rabbit. ” Can you give Kayla to me and let me deal with her?”

In the end, her miscarriage was inextricably linked to Kayla.

She simply wanted…to ask for justice from him.

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