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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 372

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 372

Noel was horrified at himself after the realization hit him. He was thankful he hadn’t reached out to

Diana, or he would have…

Would his hands still be attached to his body if he had done so?

Noel broke out in cold sweat, but he quickly got inside the car and started the engine.

“Where to, sir?”

“The hospital,” Julian replied, his brows furrowing deeply.

He looked at Diana, who was shifting restlessly in his arms. He rolled down the window, watching as
the bright yellow headstone got further and further away as the car moved.

“She hasn’t recovered from her miscarriage, and Grandma made some appointments for her recovery
that’d be better for her to receive in the hospital and not the residence.”


When they arrived at the hospital, Madam Fulcher, who Julian had long since updated, had yet to
leave. When she caught sight of them, she was relieved.

“I’ll go home for now,” Madam Fulcher said, looking at Diana before shifting her gaze to Julian’s sorry
state. She couldn’t help but chuckle ruefully. “You better take good care of her. She’s worth it.”

Madam Fulcher had never been wrong about people.

Diana was much better than Kayla.

“Take care on your way back,” Julian said.

He didn’t dare leave Diana alone in the suite, and he added, “If you want to visit your great–
grandchildren, just go to the cemetery. Diana erected a monument. It’s yellow.”

Madam Fulcher had initially not planned to go. She was already so old, and couldn’t bear the pain of
sending off her great–grandchildren at this age.

But at this moment, after hearing Julian’s words about Diana erecting a yellow headstone for them, her
mood suddenly brightened.

“Alright. I’ll go and see them when I have time soon and send them off.”

She would pray that they would still be able to be Diana’s children in their next life.

She was positive Diana would make a great mother.


After Madam Fulcher left the hospital with a lighter heart, Julian started to help Diana clean up.

They both had some vomit on them, so he decided they both needed a change of clothes. As a result,
he had an easy time changing his clothes, but Diana’s was a problem.

When he touched her a little, she covered herself like an octopus and hit him.

“Get lost!”

He was just an illusion! How dare he try to remove her clothes?

Was she so shameless that she wanted skin contact with a hallucination?!

The angrier Diana was, the harder she hit Julian. Before long, Julian’s arms were red and throbbing.

“Oh my god,” Julian groaned in exasperation and knelt at the edge of the

ed. “Will you stop it?”

She would wake up in a terrible state if she went to sleep like this. He needed to help her get clean,
and get some soup in her that was good for her stomach and internal organs before he dared let her


Diana was trying her best to open her swollen eyes.


This “fake” Julian was staying by her side during her suffering and even taking care of her.

It was so nice to have such an illusion…

She let herself fall on the bed and stared up at the ceiling blankly, unknown thoughts running through
her mind.

Julian hurriedly reached over to help her change, seeing that she had settled down.

However, Diana smirked as though he had fallen for her trick and straightened up suddenly and threw
up all

over him.

There was filth everywhere.

An unpleasant smell also lingered in the air, but Julian was still not angry.

He calmly grabbed some tissues and wiped his face before looking at Diana with a pained expression,
“It must be hard since this is the first time you’ve drank so much, right?”

“It is…” Diana croaked as she looked up, revealing her red and swollen eyes. “It hurts so much…”

She repeated the words under her breath as she took his hand and laid it on her heart before moving it
to her stomach, where her babies once rested.

“It hurts here…and here… It hurts so much…“

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