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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 371

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 371

“That’s not possible.”

Julian has his reasons for that. One, Kayla’s crime didn’t warrant her death and she had already gotten
the punishment she deserved. Two, Julian didn’t want Diana to dwell too much on the loss of their
children, let alone dirty her hands all because of Kayla.

So instead, he dealt with the issue on his own as soon as he discovered it.

He never expected Diana to think that he had done so because it was a matter of who was favored.

“I knew it…‘

Even the man in her drunken hallucination refused to favor her just once. Worse, he wasn’t willing to
get justice for her and her babies.

Diana raised her hand to smack him away angrily.

But no matter how much she hit him, this illusion of hers was terribly stubborn and refused to leave her

After a while, she got tired of hitting him and needed a break.

“You’re drunk,” Julian said, taking the chance to grab her flailing hands and pulling her into his arms
again. His eyes were filled with pain as he continued, “Stop thinking about all this nonsense, okay?”

Kayla, Mr. Carter, and everything else that was in her mind… None of those things were as important
as her returning to her normal life.

However, Diana was devastated.

She couldn’t understand any of Julian’s actions, and she could only see them as him defending Kayla
and not wanting the woman to get hurt.

“Then, what about Mr. Carter?” Diana hissed through clenched teeth. “How the hell did you deal with

She didn’t even dare to say she wanted to deal with him.

She was certain he would refuse again.

She couldn’t accept that she and the babies were worth even less than the older man.

“I don’t know,” Julian replied. “I asked Noel to handle it.”

The two were father and son, after all. Noel still had to work for him, so Julian didn’t ask about how
Noel had handled the matter.

However, he was certain that Noel would handle it to his satisfaction.

That was the trust and tacit understanding Julian and Noel had cultivated over the many years of
working together.

A son was not their father.

“Haha…” Diana laughed a little madly. There was even snot on her face, but Julian didn’t think it was

disgusting when he looked at her. He simply used his coat to wipe it off her face.

Diana didn’t hesitate to blow her nose as hard as possible on the material before rubbing her face
against him, and Julian heard her murmuring, “I knew this was fake… He didn’t get angry even though I

dirtied his clothes…”

That meant the conversation between them was also fake.

When Diana thought about it, it was quite ridiculous. Forget about how he favored Kayla, but even Mr.

That was outrageous! She couldn’t believe it!

She didn’t believe that she was so low on his priority!

But then, why did it hurt so much? It was as if everything that happened was real, and she was the one
who refused to believe that her position in his heart was so low…

“Asshole!” Diana suddenly shouted and shot to her feet.

Since Julian was fake and just an illusion, she would take this opportunity to keep beating him and vent
her anger!

So, by the time Julian managed to carry Diana out of the cemetery, his hair had been pulled into a

mess, there were scratches on his face, both large and small, and he looked severely beaten up.

Noel looked alarmed at Julian’s state, and he stepped forward to take Diana from Julian’s arms.


Julian simply looked up with a sharp gaze and said, “It’s fine. I’ll manage.”

As he said that, he carefully bent down and placed her in the car like she was a precious treasure. He
didn’t let go of her hand during the entire process or cared about the injuries he had sustained.

As Noel watched, he suddenly realized that he was wrong.

Even though Julian and Diana were divorced, her position in his heart remained unchanged. She would
remain the Fulcher family’s mistress, and Julian wouldn’t even care about how she had practically


And Noel, he…had just tried to take Diana from Julian’s arms!

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