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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 369

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 369

“You have to remember to be sorry for me and also the babies. You have to…”

Diana began to cry as she spoke. “N–No. It’s not your fault! I know that. The biggest responsibility for
the babies leaving is still mine!”

As she said that, she reached out and snatched the bottle of wine fiercely from Julian’s hand and took
a quick


She could no longer taste the pungent taste of the alcohol. She only felt the pain in her heart ebbing
away when the liquid rushed down her throat, and she could also forget the torment she had
experienced in the past few days.

In her hallucination, Julian would stare at her with those extremely affectionate eyes. He would be sad
when she was hurt, and happy when she was joyful.

But in reality, Julian was not like that.

He was a man who defended Kayla even after their babies died, and a man…who Noel would want to
continue serving.

Had Julian never thought about it? After what Mr. Carter and Kayla had done to her, how was Diana
supposed to treat Noel like nothing had happened? How could he expect her not to want to rip Kayla to

But Julian had never given her a choice. He even acted as if none of those things had happened and
ultimately blamed it on the poor development of the embryos, stating that there had been signs of

miscarriage from the start.

It was her fault…

It was all her fault!

“I shouldn’t have loved you,” Diana slurred. “I shouldn’t have taken that blow for you, much less sought
you. out on that rainy day…”


If she could go back in time, she would still do it all again without hesitation.

Oh… Just what should she do?

She was so ridiculous!

Diana laughed through her tears, exhaling a gust of alcoholic breath on Julian’s face as she laughed in
his ear.

Julian was a clean freak, but didn’t even twitch at her actions. Instead, he quietly crouched down and
stared at her with his deep, mysterious eyes as he listened to her rambling.

Diana was also staring back at him.

Her hallucination this time seemed all too real…

Suddenly, she flung the bottle away to the side and threw herself at him.

“Sob, sob… I’m so hopeless, aren’t I? When we first married, did you know how happy I was? If I could
do it

all over, I’d still love you and take that blow for you. I’d still cross half the city to look for you on that
rainy day when I couldn’t reach you…!”

But what about her babies?

Her babies would still pass away on that day.

She didn’t want that to happen again!

“Why couldn’t we be a happy family together? Why couldn’t I have been allowed to bring them into this
world without any problems? Why…why do you refuse to love me…”

Julian listened to her cries, feeling like a knife was stabbing into his heart and twisting ruthlessly at
every word that spilled from her lips.

“I didn’t refuse to love you.”

On the contrary, he loved her so very much.

He loved her so much that he even chose her over his savior, Kayla. He loved her so much that he felt
suffocated at the thought of her leaving.

However, he had said he loved her so many times, yet she had never believed him.

And that was what made Julian feel the most powerless.

Diana’s cries grew


She refused to stop, no matter how much he tried to comfort or coax her. It was as if Diana wanted to
flush out all the pain in her heart by crying it out.

Julian’s heart tightened painfully.

He had always been a man of a steel heart and didn’t shed tears, but recently, he had consistently
been walking around with reddened eyes.

Julian’s gaze gradually shifted to the headstone next to them. It looked unique as it was a soft yellow
color instead of the usual dull gray, and it stood out in the darkness. The words on it were crooked, but

sincerity behind the carvings was obvious.

“Aster… Star…“

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