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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 368

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 368

In fact, from this day on, those who were observant would realize that Julian had become softer
compared to

the past.

No one would know that it was due to a woman.

Now that Julian had a weakness, he hoped to have fewer enemies so that Diana would be in less

In that way, at least Julian wouldn’t worry that something had happened to her when she suddenly went


After an hour, Noel reported in and said, “Sir, we’ve searched all of downtown. We even went to places
Miss Winnington usually frequented, but she wasn’t there. We even contacted Miss Nina, but we still
can’t find her.”

Couldn’t find her?

Julian thought about her mental state, and his heart fell in a mess. He had been careless and
negligent. He had assumed that Diana had hurriedly left the bureau to rush back to Madam Fulcher’s
side. He hadn’t

expected her to disappear…

Where the hell would she go?

Had she run into a bad guy like Luke, or was it that she couldn’t get over her desire to be reunited with


The babies!

Julian’s eyes lit up, a place immediately flashing to his mind as he ordered Noel, “To the cemetery!”

The cemetery where the babies had been buried was on the outskirts of town!

It was sparsely populated, and surrounded by mountains and rivers. It had no cellphone signal and was
in the middle of nowhere. It was also the place Diana had designated for their babies to rest in peace.

The two teams rushed over at once.

It was already very late, but Diana didn’t feel afraid despite being alone in a cemetery at the late hour.
However, there were a lot of empty alcohol bottles around her.

She looked like she was an empty shell, and she was obviously not thinking about anything. However,
her eyes started to increasingly hurt as time passed.

When Julian found her, her eyes were swollen beyond recognition.

When Diana caught sight of Julian, she grinned widely and looked up.

“There you are! You’re here again!” Diana chanted.

She was obviously smiling, but tears kept flowing down her face. She didn’t stop pouring alcohol down
her throat, and she looked like any other drunkard.

She had just gone through a miscarriage, and her body wouldn’t withstand such a torment.

Julian was angry, but also distressed at her actions. He stepped forward and snatched the bottle from


“Stop drinking!”

“Huh?” Diana ‘s eyes widened suddenly as surprise clouded her features. “Oh… This Julian can talk!”

Julian was speechless. “…Are you drunk?”

“No!” Diana denied it with a shake of her head. “I’m not drunk. I just…don’t feel really good…”

She actually…hadn’t wanted to divorce him,

Yet, today, the deed was done.

Diana didn’t want to be separated from Julian. She actually wanted to continue loving him, but…
Thinking of how loving him would only bring her pain, that he had used her and only saw her as a
substitute, and had even only reconciled with her because of their babies…

It was like a knife to her heart.

Now that the babies were gone…

“You must be elated to divorce me, right?” Diana asked Julian with swollen eyes, a clouded look in her

Julian was stunned.

What? How could he feel happy because of that?! He had only divorced her so that she wouldn’t be
depressed and miserable. He only did it to go along with her wishes to make her happy!

But now…

Instead of joy, he felt a heavier sadness in her.

Had he…been wrong?

When she brought up the divorce, he should have put his foot down vehemently and tried to keep her.
He should have held her tightly in his arms, regardless of how shameless he would look, and begged
her not to

leave him!


“Shh,” Diana said, placing her hand on his mouth. “Don’t talk.”

How could an illusion speak?

Diana had seen plenty of hallucinations of him, but the only difference this time was that he was talking.

She wanted to control him!

Diana’s hand slowly moved up and held Julian’s head.

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