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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 365

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 365

Diana gripped the phone tighter. “Sorry, what did you say?”

“I already told Grandma about the babies and our divorce,” Julian repeated, not wanting to put any
more pressure on Diana. “She also took her high blood pressure medication before she left the house,
so you don’t have to worry about her trying to delay us from getting a divorce this time.”

As it turned out, Diana had expected too much about their divorce.

Diana blushed in shame at the previous thoughts in her head.

“Okay. When are you arriving? Can it be done today?” Diana asked.

Julian thought Diana would wait a few more days for the divorce for Mrs. Fulcher’s sake. He didn’t
expect Diana to be so decisive this time, so he could only go along with her.


He would treat it as fulfilling her wish.

Right now, he was willing to do anything that would lift her spirits and make her happy.

Diana bit her lip and said, “I’ll wait for you at the hospital. Don’t forget to bring all the documents
needed for the procedure.”

After she hung up, Mrs. Fulcher took Diana’s hands in hers. The older woman’s eyes were no longer as
bright as before, but they were still filled with concern.

“Have you really thought it through, Diana?”

Diana nodded. “Yes.”

She wanted to divorce.

She did.

She didn’t want to live in Kayla and Julian’s shadow anymore, much less think of her babies when she
looked at Julian. She didn’t want…to be the one abandoned again.

Diana would rather be the one who left first. This time, she would be the one who refused him.

Just as Julian had said in the phone, Mrs. Fulcher didn’t try persuading her again and gently hugged

“You’ve worked hard.”

The tears Diana had tried so hard to hold back slid down her face. “Grandma…”

“Shh, you’re a good girl,” Madam Fulcher said. “Even if you’re divorced, you will always be my child.
And the shares I gave you…

She lowered her voice and whispered in Diana’s ear, “It’s best if you told no one about it.”

Diana was about to mention that. “Now that the babies are gone, I really don’t think I should keep them.
I’ll transfer it back to you again, okay?”

Before Diana could see the older woman’s reaction, Madam Fulcher suddenly slapped Diana on the

This was the first time she had lost her temper before Diana.

“Child!” Madam Fulcher said with a touch of disappointment in her eyes. “Do you really not believe that
I sincerely like you?”

Diana shook her head hurriedly. “That’s not what I meant!”

“Then why won’t you believe my words?” Madam Fulcher’s chest was visibly heaving with anger. “I told
you that those shares were for you! They’re for your personal use! Why do you keep thinking they were
for the babies?”

If the babies had been born safely, Madam Fulcher would have given them something else as gifts.

However, those gifts wouldn’t conflict with the shares she had given Diana.

“I really do treat you as my own child,” Madam Fulcher said, watching as a shameful look appeared on
Diana’s face. However, Madam Fulcher couldn’t bear to continue her lecture when she saw how much
Diana was blaming herself.

“Don’t bring up the shares again in the future. Also, visit me often even though you’re already divorced,


Those shares were really worth a lot of money!

However, seeing Madam Fulcher’s expression, Diana didn’t dare mention it again.

“Okay. Don’t worry, I’ll be sure to visit you often.”

When the right time came, Madam Fulcher would also ask Julian to visit her at the same time. She
refused to allow such a good woman to escape their family.

Madam Fulcher was determined to be good to Diana, and she was confident that the latter knew how
to repay the kindness; Diana would always be sincere to those who were sincere to her.

This was the only way Madam Fulcher could help Julian, as his grandmother.

Once the two women finished talking, Madam Fulcher showed Diana the newly booked ward that was
suitable for her recovery. After Diana had settled her luggage, Julian arrived.

When he saw the state Diana was in, he knew that Diana had taken Madam Fulcher’s words to heart.
As long as Diana was willing to visit the Fulcher family occasionally, he didn’t need to fear that she
would disappear forever.

He gave Madam Fulcher a grateful look before turning to Diana and asking, “Are you ready to carry out
the formalities?”

Madam Fulcher groaned inwardly. Even if this brat was anxious to fulfill Diana’s wishes and make her
happy, he shouldn’t appear so eager to get a divorce!

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