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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 366

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 366

In her annoyance, Madam Fulcher was sorely tempted to knock Julian’s head.

But with Diana right in front of her, she couldn’t say too much. So, she sighed and said, “Slow down.
There’s no hurry.”

Diana huffed inwardly. She wasn’t pregnant with his children anymore, and there was a chance for
Julian to separate from her immediately and go to Kayla. The man must be jumping for joy inwardly, so
why would he slow down?

Diana looked up and gave Julian a cold look.

“Let’s go.”

Soon, the two were in the car as it made its way steadily to the Civil Affairs Bureau.

Because of their previous divorce application, they didn’t need to complete another waiting period.

Diana walked in front of Julian, and the two slowly entered the hall. She noticed that the man’s
movements were a little slow, and she glanced back at him.

her on

Julian was dragging his feet and not hurrying to keep pace with her. It was a while before she joined
her the bench she had sat at.

The staff member assisting them was the same as the last time. Seeing a handsome man and a
beautiful woman together was always dazzling. Besides, the staff member’s boss had mentioned that
the two coming today were big shots, and to ensure that they were treated well.

The entire process went by unbelievably fast.

It was so quick that the two involved in the process didn’t have time to react. Everything was settled in
a flash, as if every person in the office had dropped everything to cater to their needs.

Diana was slightly confused as she held the certificate confirming her divorce.

Julian was currently surrounded by some senior management; it was obvious that he had informed
them in

advance that he would be here.

Her grip on her certificate grew tighter as the minutes passed. Had he really been…

That impatient to leave her?

Diana had once thought that as long as she got a divorce and held this proof in her hand, she would be
freed from her love and hatred for Julian and wouldn’t care about how he had dealt with Kayla. Perhaps
she would also…stop thinking about how their failure as parents had caused their babies to leave the
world so painfully.

At this moment, they were really divorced.

However, Diana didn’t feel any joy, nor did she forget about the grief of losing her children. She didn’t
even feel that she had gotten her revenge, nor was there any relief in her.

Instead, it felt like someone had turned her heart into a sponge that absorbed all water, and only by
crying would the liquid be released.

Diana put away her certificate carefully and left the bureau alone, heading to buy a headstone.

Her babies had been placed in the cemetery, but no monument had been erected yet.

She decided she would fix that today.

While ordinary headstones were greenish–gray, Diana didn’t want to use such a cold color for her
babies. Instead, she chose a soft yellow headstone. She hoped they would always be able to feel the
warmth and regret of a mother’s heart.

The store owner said that since it was a unique color, Diana would need to wait for a while. As she
wasn’t in a hurry, she agreed and waited at the entrance.

Her mind was completely blank.

It seemed that after ensuring the divorce was complete, she could no longer think about anything else
to do.

For now, it was just a matter of waiting for the headstone to be completed.

“Miss, what words would you like to be carved on the stone?”

The store owner was almost done, and only needed to carve the required words on it.

Diana considered it for a moment, then asked, “Could I carve it myself?”

The store owner nodded. “As long as you don’t mind how the finished product will look, that’s no
problem at all.”

“That’s fine.”

Her babies had been so young and hadn’t even learned to read yet. She knew they wouldn’t blame her
even if her carvings were ugly.

Diana smiled mischievously, feeling like she had interacted with her babies for a moment before
saying, ” Give it to me, then.”

She took the tools from the store owner, and he guided her through the process. Diana listened
patiently, but when it was actually time to carve the words, she suddenly didn’t know what to write.

She stood staring at the headstone in a daze for a long time, until the laser pointer in her hand became
a little hot. Gradually, she returned to her senses and slowly carved two names: Aster and Star.

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