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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 367

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 367

Those were the names Julian had given their babies.

In the future, Diana’s path would never cross with Julian’s again, and they would only move further
from each other. They would never have children together again.

So, she would let these two names remain on this headstone.

It wasn’t only in memory of their two children, but also of the time when she loved Julian.

The store owner looked at it and gently reminded her, “Miss, you still need to carve the words ‘grave‘…”

Before he could finish his words, he saw the elegant but pale and fragile woman seemingly turning into
a butterfly that might fly away at any moment, and he couldn’t continue anymore.

Instead, he said, “My sincere condolences.”

No matter who it was that had gone from the world, those who were alive must live on.

Diana understood the logic in it, but after carving the name of her babies, she thought about the divorce
certificate in her bag and could no longer control her tears from pouring out.

Her heart ached terribly, but there was no one she could talk to about this pain.

“That’s enough. This is fine,” Diana said in a trembling voice as she tried to hold back her remaining
tears. They were still so little, so I don’t want their headstone to be too heavy.”

The sadness wafting from her was obvious.

The store owner seemed to understand, as he didn’t press further and simply muttered, “I’m so sorry
for your loss.”

Diana didn’t say anything, but nodded gently in response.

When she arrived at the cemetery, it was already past noon. Despite the time, Diana didn’t feel hungry.
So, she sat next to the grave after she had set everything up.

Her mind was clearly blank, and she wasn’t thinking of anything. When she looked at the names on the
stone, a bitter feeling rose in her heart, and tears again spilled from her eyes.

Aster, Star…

This was her first pregnancy, and the first time she had twins…

She wanted to blame Luke, but the man was dead.

She wanted to blame Kayla, but it seemed that it was impossible.

Even though Julian knew about the drugging, he had protected Kayla as he had always done. He
hadn’t said a word against her.

Julian had even defended Kayla, saying that her plan had failed.

Ultimately, the blame was placed on the quality and health of the embryos and the stress they had
caused themselves.

How great was it to never be wrong in one’s life, just like Kayla?

Fine. Diana would blame Julian for lying to her for three years, for changing her fertility pills, for having
spoken harshly about the babies she carried, and…

For never loving her.

Yet, all of it was now pointless.

Diana and Julian had already divorced.

Diana caressed the headstone she had erected, and the pain in her heart intensified to an unbearable

She had no one to blame but herself.

It was her fault for loving Julian, and it was her fault that…

“I’m sorry,” Diana whispered as she looked at the headstone.

She could hardly contain the various feelings in her heart, and simply sat there until the sky turned

Later, she saw someone selling alcohol on the roadside, so she went over and bought a few bottles to

When Madam Fulcher didn’t hear from Julian or Diana for a long time after they had left the hospital,
she called Julian.

Julian broke out in cold sweat when he heard his grandmother’s question.

“What? She didn’t return to the hospital?”

“No,” Madam Fulcher said, suspicion lacing her voice. “She didn’t pick up my call, and I couldn’t reach

Julian grew anxious upon hearing her words. “Don’t worry. We went our own ways after leaving the
bureau. I’m going to look for her now.”

How was Madam Fulcher expected not to worry after hearing what her grandson had said?

She immediately tore into Julian for his carelessness. Things were already at this point, yet he still
didn’t know how to properly keep an eye on Diana?!

“You deserve Diana divorcing you! If anything happens to her, don’t ever come to see me again!”
Madam Fulcher roared.

After she hung up, she quickly dispatched her own people to look for Diana.

On his side, Julian also didn’t dawdle. He quickly pulled up the surveillance around the Civil Affairs
Bureau and began speculating where Diana had gone.

“Find her! Even if you have to dig Richburgh to the ground, I want her found within the hour!”

If Diana was once again in danger, Julian really couldn’t take it anymore.

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