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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 364

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 364

Diana was given plenty of the best nutrient solutions that could be offered.

Even though she looked a little refreshed, Julian couldn’t bring himself to feel happy because her joy
and pleasure were built on top of their agreement to get a divorce.

In other words, her uplifted mood stemmed from the fact that she was about to leave and divorce him.

Was a divorce enough to make her happy?

Julian wanted to persuade her to reconsider, but the words were stuck in his throat and wouldn’t come
out. After holding back for a long time, his face was a little red. In the end, he only managed to force a
few words

out. “Get some rest.”

Julian was a man whose face rarely turned red. From what Diana knew about him, he blushed most of
the time when he was happy. As it turned out, he had been anticipating the divorce so much.

If the babies were still around, would he have continued pretending like he was willing to go on living


He loved her? Mistook his feelings? Wanted to live the rest of his life with her? All of it was rubbish,
wasn’t it?

Diana would never believe him again.

“Alright,” Diana replied and turned away, leaving him with only the view of her indifferent back.

Julian wanted to approach her and talk to her, but he lost his nerve when he thought of what she said
about being dragged down by him.

Let go, she had said.

If he let go, she would be happier.

Julian didn’t want to be the source of her pain and unhappiness.

He left the room slowly. He didn’t rush her to eat as he had done before, nor bring the dishes to her and
looked at her tenderly, saying he wouldn’t eat if she didn’t.

Julian would never starve together with her anymore, nor would he ever coax her again.

This was the change that happened after he had seen Kayla today.

In Julian’s heart, it seemed that Kayla was more important.

As the saying goes, first come, first served. Diana understood this. During this time, she was a
substitute who yearned for things she shouldn’t.

Diana watched Julian’s retreating back, and the corner of her lips curled up into a bitter smile.

This was good. She was finally on her own again.

The following day, Diana packed her things. She planned to wait for Julian to get her marriage license
and also be discharged from the hospital.

But before the formalities were completed, Diana was informed that someone had renewed her hospital

for another month and had arranged for a specialized caretaker for her, so she could rest and
recuperate with peace of mind.

At first, she thought it had been Julian who had done it. She was about to refuse when she heard
Madam Fulcher’s voice ring out. “Oh, Diana! You’ve suffered so much.”

Diana had been putting up a strong front all this while, but her facade crumbled when she heard the
familiar voice. She didn’t dare turn around and simply cried out through a stuffy nose. “Grandma!”

Madam Fulcher patted her back and comforted her, “Shh, Grandma’s here. It’s okay.”

Suddenly losing two babies was a tragic event, equivalent to falling right into hell from heaven.

“I’ve also lost children in the past, “Madam Fulcher said, thinking about how she had to bury Julian’s
parents. “I know how much it hurts.”

Nothing was more important than caring for Diana’s emotions at this moment, and there was no need
for Diana to force herself to smile.

The few words that Madam Fulcher said were enough to throw Diana’s emotions into chaos again. It
must have been hard for the older woman too…

Diana had lost her children, and Madam Fulcher had lost her great–grandchildren, whom she had been
hoping for a long time.

Also, since the older woman had high blood pressure, would she be able to handle the news about the

With that in mind, Diana hurriedly pulled out her phone to text Julian. She wanted to tell him that the
formalities could be done another day, but he seemed to be one step ahead of her as he called her just

at the same time. “Is Grandma there?”

Diana’s heart skipped a beat.

So, Julian was aware that Madam Fulcher was coming to the hospital.

“Yeah, she’s here.”

Could it be that he had regretted his decision and had sent Madam Fulcher to be his go–between?

Inevitably, anticipation filled Diana’s heart. It was as if the hole of loneliness was once again filled a

There was still a sliver of hope that he would stay.

At least it would prove that she hadn’t been so foolish, and that she hadn’t been the only one between
the two of them who had been so foolishly in love.

“Can you hear me?”

Julian’s voice was still soft and gentle, as if he had deliberately lowered his voice because he was
afraid of scaring her.

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