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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 363

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 363

“Let’s just divorce, okay, Julian?”

Diana’s eyes were almost pleading. It was as if their current predicament could only be solved if they

divorced. That way, she would stop blaming herself so much and would be able to make up for the loss
of her


Obviously, Julian refused staunchly.

But Diana added, “Please… Just set us all free.”

Diana was exhausted from navigating the triangle between him, her, and Kayla.

“I don’t want to deal with these schemes and tricks anymore,” Diana said frankly. “I just want to live the
rest of my life peacefully.”

At her words, Julian seemed to be struck by something. He felt his hands and legs ache slightly as he
asked, Do you feel that being with me is tiring?”

“Yeah,” Diana replied with a nod. “Your world is too complicated, and I don’t want to be dragged down
by you anymore.”


heto Julian never imagined that Diana would feel this way. But if she wanted an easier life, who was he
to disagree?

“I’m sorry.”

Even though it

“I’m sort, Julian had to learn to let go.

“I’m sorry for not being able to protect the three of you properly.”

“It’s fine.” Diana shook her head. “Just divorce me, and there’s no need for any protection from now on.
I won’t be in any danger either.”

Up until now, weren’t all the dangers aimed at her brought from his side?

Diana couldn’t endure being in the spotlight with him anymore, so it would be best if she escaped.

Anyway… Her babies didn’t need a father anymore.

They didn’t…even want her as a mother.

Couldn’t she make mistakes?

Couldn’t she get a divorce?

But…who would return her babies to her?

It felt like someone was knocking on her heart with a heavy hammer, and her heart was about to break
from the pressure. The pain was both suffocating and aggravating, and she had no tears left to cry
because she didn’t want to show her vulnerable state before Julian.

That also meant that Diana no longer considered him to be as close to her as before.

In that case, Julian should just go and properly care for Kayla.

As a father who couldn’t even seek justice for their babies…she didn’t want him anymore!

Julian wanted to tell Diana about how he had made Kayla take the drugs she had bought, but after
thinking about it, it seemed pointless now that things had come to this point.

Diana was tired, that was fine. He was willing to let her go.

“We can process the paperwork tomorrow.”


Julian had agreed so readily, which implied that he really did want to leave.

Perhaps James had been right in saying that Julian had his own motives for why he wanted to be with
her, and it was obviously the babies. Now that the babies were no longer here, it was only natural he
would leave.

Diana’s hands trembled, but she hid them under the covers, not wanting to show him.

Diana fought back the tears before looking at him firmly and saying, “Okay.”

It was best not to delay any longer and quickly settle it.

Julian had said it would be done tomorrow because he hoped it would work Diana up and make her
regret her decision. He hadn’t expected her to agree so quickly.

A touch of hurt flashed across his eyes, and he said hesitantly, “Is your wound okay?”

“It’s fine,” Diana replied, showing him his arm. “It’s not swollen anymore, and the stitches have been

care of.”

The aftermath of her miscarriage had also been treated well the week she spent in the hospital.

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