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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 360

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 360

Even though Mr. Carter had unintentionally preserved Diana’s fertility by changing the medication, the

babies were already weak from the shock during her early pregnancy. This was followed by the musk
that had caused her stomachache, and then Kayla’s drug.

To Kayla, Diana and the babies were no longer a threat.

After Julian got crippled, Kayla could hand Diana as a gift to Luke.

That was most likely the condition in the deal between Kayla and Luke.

Julian would never forget how Luke had looked at Diana, which was why he had personally fed Luke’s
corpse to the dogs.

At this moment, Kayla couldn’t breathe…

Because Julian had guessed everything correctly.

“What would’ve happened after I was crippled?” Julian said, keeping his eyes firmly on her. “What did
you plan to do?”

The pressure from his gaze was overwhelming, and Kayla felt like she had been thrown into the deep
bottom of a well with no hope of ever seeing the sun again. If she looked up, she would surely drown in
the water. If she looked down, she would suffocate from the tight grip around her neck.

Under this tremendous pressure, she broke down and cried again.

“J–Julian…! I didn’t mean to…!”

Kayla admitted it.

Julian had long sensed something was deeply wrong with the woman before him. She had said so
much, all to push the blame on everyone else except herself and to hide something bigger underneath
it all. It was because of her many excuses that he suddenly thought of Luke. Thus, Julian decided to try
pressuring her

about it.

Lo and behold, she actually confessed everything without much prompting.

“Then what?” Julian continued to ask. “What did you plan to do once I was crippled? Did you want me
to owe you my life again, so you’d have every right to dispose of everything that was mine?”

“No… No…!” Kayla cried uncontrollably. “I just love you so much! I wanted to keep you with me forever!
I wanted to keep you and Diana apart! I was tired of waiting!”

“Then why did you leave without saying goodbye three years ago?” Julian asked, calming down further
as their conversation carried on.

He was now able to look at Kayla objectively.

Julian had met countless people, and once believed that he had played a big influence in Kayla’s life.
However, he never once believed that her personality had changed overnight. In other words, the fact
that she had once been his savior had blinded him completely, and he had ignored her suspicious
actions one too many times.

“If you hadn’t disappeared back then, perhaps…” he said.

“You wouldn’t have married Diana?” Kayla prodded.

“It’s hard to say.”

At the mention of Diana, a hint of tenderness suddenly flashed through the man’s cold expression.
“Most likely, I’d still marry her.”

He couldn’t imagine anyone else being his wife except for Diana.

Even during the time he missed Kayla like crazy, and when his first thought was to get a divorce once
Kayla had returned to the country… That hadn’t been love.

It had simply been compensation.

From the very start to the end, Julian’s feelings for Kayla were only that of gratitude and the intense
need to compensate her.

But toward Diana, it had always been love.

If Kayla hadn’t gone abroad, perhaps Julian would still eventually meet Diana. But maybe they wouldn’t
experience so much tragedy as they did, and there wouldn’t be the need to have a stupid illusion of
using Diana as a substitute.

Diana was her own person, and she was irreplaceable.

Kayla got her first taste of despair when she saw the gentle smile on Julian’s lips.

So, Julian really never loved her.

Julian had never been ruthless toward Kayla, but that wasn’t because of lingering love toward her. Far
from it! His kindness was only due to his gratitude toward her for saving his life when they were

Yet, if he one day discovered that his true savior was in fact Diana….

Kayla didn’t dare imagine the consequences; a cold shiver ran up her spine. She had to keep it a
secret, for she was keenly aware that this was the only thing that could preserve her life right now.

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