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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 347

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Chapter 347

Julian was alert the entire time. Even though the rain was heavy, he kept his eyes and ears open as he
monitored the surroundings at all times. If there was any abnormality, he would spot it immediately.

The only problem was that he was soaked to the bones in the downpour.

When he reached the corner, he finally made it out of Scenery Street. The road conditions here were
clearly much better; there were no floating manhole covers on the water’s surface, and the water
flowed neatly into the drainage channel. There was no water stuck on the road, either.

It was also further proof that something had been intentionally done to make Scenery Street a danger

Who would dare attack him so blatantly?

Julian thought about it for a while, but he couldn’t think of anyone who would have the guts to do so.

However, he wasn’t worried. His enemies had gone out of their way to plan an attack on him, so they
would definitely show themselves soon enough.

He just needed to be extra cautious.

His shoes were filled with water, and felt heavy as he trudged through the rain. He caught sight of a
store along the street that was still open, so he went in and bought a change of clothes and shoes as
well as an umbrella. Pulling out his phone, he noted there was finally a signal on it. It vibrated
continuously as the messages and missed calls started coming in, and he noted it was all from Diana.

As he thought, she was really worried.

Julian hurriedly called her and asked, “Where are you?‘

When Diana heard his voice, the stuffy feeling in her chest loosened immediately. “I’m almost at your


She looked around outside and added, “There’s a bit of a traffic jam here.”

Looking at the driver, she asked, “What street are we on?”

“Red Light Street.”

Julian was familiar with the road. “Tell the driver to find a place to stop. Don’t drive toward Scenery

It was fortunate he had made it out in time and managed to get in touch with Diana. Otherwise, in less
than ten minutes, they would have been on Scenery Street; once they were there, it would have been
difficult to get out of the place.

The driver was obedient and agreed readily. “Understood, Mr. Fulcher.”

Diana was relieved. “Are you done with your work?”


“Do you want to come to Red Light Street so we can go home together?”

“Yes,” Julian replied immediately, looking out into the distance. “You guys just stay there. I’ll be there

Diana nodded. “Okay.”

Although Julian said he would be there soon, there was still no sign of him after an hour. Diana called
him again, but no one answered.


The driver, who was also anxiously waiting and looking around, suddenly saw a familiar figure and
pointed. “Sir is on the left side! He’s coming!”

Diana rolled down the window slightly and squinted. “That’s

ot him, but he does look alike.”

The driver wasn’t that familiar with Julian, and it wasn’t strange that he hadn’t gotten it right.

But Diana was well aware, because the coat he had worn this morning was a matching set with hers; it
was dark blue with a black shirt underneath. The man on the street wore completely different clothes
from what Julian wore this morning.

Diana turned away and slowly rolled the window back up. Before it was completely closed, she heard a
passerby comment, “This rain is a serious disaster. It’s so heavy that people can’t see the road. Did
you hear that someone died ahead at the intersection? It was terrible! The rain quickly washed away
the blood, but the smell was very strong.”

Someone died? Blood…and the calls that wouldn’t go through…!

Diana was restless after hearing that, but she was also afraid that something would happen to her and
burden others. Thus, she said to the driver, “John, go down and take a look, please.”

The driver understood quickly and got out of the car, turning to head to the intersection but not before
trying to assure her, “Don’t worry, ma’am. I’m sure Mr. Fulcher is alright.”

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