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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 359

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 359

Kayla had no qualms about using Diana’s saving grace on Julian. She brought it up as a way to guilt
trip Julian, and she didn’t feel the slightest remorse about doing so.

“You’ve been good to me since we met! But you were too good! You gave me all the wonderful
fantasies of my youth, and you pampered me so much… You even married Diana because she looked
like me after I disappeared! And after that, you ruined your marriage because you yearned for me!”

Kayla got more passionate as she spoke, “Do you think that as a woman faced with a man like you,
she can. give you up? Who wouldn’t want to marry you?! But you? Without an explanation, you
suddenly said you wanted to cut off all communication with me! You didn’t even care about me when I
got injured! You only pushed me to Noel! Have you ever thought about how I feel?!”

Everything Kayla said was the truth.

Julian knew that in the process of repaying Kayla’s kindness, there were moments when he mistook his
kindness for love. Forget about Kayla, even he himself was confused for a long time.

Julian at first assumed that wanting to treat someone well was love. Because of Diana, however, he
could understand his feelings and heart after some struggle and comparison.

In the end, it was the decision of wanting to be responsible for himself and the two women that was the
reason for his heartlessness towards Kayla.

Yet, he never thought that it would cause so much unseen hurt to Kayla.

“I’ll be honest. I didn’t change only recently,” Kayla said as she covered her face. It was hard to tell if
she did so because she was ashamed, or if she was laughing. “I changed the day I returned home and
found out you were married! I became completely unlike myself. I became selfish! I expected you to

keep your promise about getting a divorce every day, you know? But you didn’t! You even had a child
with Diana! Even when I offered to announce with great fanfare that she was the eldest daughter of the
Winnington family, she still refused to divorce you. What do you two take me for? What do you treat me

When she finished, Kayla clutched her head and whimpered.

The room was silent, and Julian didn’t speak for a long time.

No one could see that beneath the tear–stained face, there was a hidden devious smile.

Kayla was gambling.

She was taking a gamble that Julian would go soft on her, and that he would value the feelings
between them and the gratitude for saving his life when he was a child.

Sure enough, the oppressing feeling in the room lessened, and Kayla could gradually feel the
temperature of the room returning to normal. To add more effect, Kayla sobbed loudly a few more times
before slowly looking up, pretending to wipe her tears as she observed the man before her.

Much to her great surprise, the man hadn’t softened at all. Instead, his eyes were fixed on her like a

The moment she lifted her head and met his eyes, all the accusations and questions she had thrown at
him. felt as weak as bubbles.

Kayla averted her gaze almost immediately.

Julian’s lips quirked upwards, but the look on his face was cold. “You were also involved with the
incident with Luke, weren’t you?”

Kayla shuddered. “I…I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

There wasn’t any need for further evidence to guess that Kayla had been involved, as her actions
spoke for


“You leaked my day’s schedule to him so he could catch me unaware.” Daily New Chapters upload only
on alaniniz(dot)com Despite all the accusations Kayla had thrown at him, Julian remained calm. “What
was your purpose? My life?”

The fear Kayla felt was real now, and she was utterly terrified.

She didn’t know how he could be so perceptive. She clearly hadn’t revealed anything, and even her
rant had been perfect! So, why did he suddenly bring up Luke…?

As the most powerful man in Richburgh who was unpredictable and used to playing tricks, Julian was
perceptive to the point of terrifying.

Thinking of what happened to Luke, Kayla swallowed harshly. “I–I didn’t…”

“So your purpose was to cripple me,” Julian said, cutting her off as he recalled the day he had been
beaten. Only… It got out of hand, and Luke wanted me dead instead.”

As for Diana…

Even if she hadn’t gotten involved that day, the babies in her belly wouldn’t have lasted much longer

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