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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 358

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 358

Julian’s ruthlessness towards the Pabian family and the fact he hadn’t left a

trace of Luke’s body was a consequence that Kayla hadn’t expected.

She trembled in fear, and her teeth chattered. She used almost all of her

strength to force herself to calm down.

It didn’t matter. Luke was dead, and he didn’t even have the opportunity to

confess her involvement before he died.

There had also been no news from Mr. Carter’s end, so she relaxed once more

when the thought crossed her mind. Now that her emotions had settled, she

patted the empty spot on her bed and gave Julian a real smile.

Enter title…

“Did you come to see me?”

Julian had come in the middle of the night. Did he want to get Kayla pregnant to

replace the baby in Diana’s belly?

Kayla perked up at the thought and started moving. She even tried to pull her

hospital gown down a little.

Julian had never met a person who had made such an error of judgment in his


Was Kayla…really the same girl who had saved him as a child?

The more he interacted with her, the more he felt there was so much difference

between her and the person he vaguely remembered in his memory.

With a click, the hospital room brightened. The lights bounced off the wall and

emitted a harsh light for a moment, causing Kayla to squint her eyes shut for a

while and subconsciously bring up her hand to shield her face. Such a situation

made her exposed shoulder seem like a joke.

Julian couldn’t hide the disappointment in his eyes. He tossed a recorder to her

side and said, “Listen to that. It’s Mr. Carter’s confession.”

Kayla pressed the play button on it, and her face drastically paled as she

listened. Eventually, her smile vanished and only fear was left on her face.

“He’s lying! That’s not true! What he said was all fake!”

“Lying?” Julian sneered. “The leftover powder has already been tested, and they

were chemicals for abortion! Mr. Carter mistakenly thought his small dosage

had been ineffective, so he replaced it with prescribed laxatives.

That was the only reason it saved Diana’s future fertility!’

If Mr. Carter had followed Kayla’s dosage to feed Diana, the miscarriage

process would have been gruesome and painful.

“Kayla, you’re such a cruel person.’

Julian’s tone was harsh and no longer tolerant as it had been before.

“Diana was right. I was too accommodating and tolerant of you. If she hadn’t

insisted that I look into this matter, you would’ve really gotten away with it…”

Kayla couldn’t process the words Julian said after that.

She was shaking all over.

Her mind buzzed like a machine chugging in her brain. Then, there was regret

and hate, and also lament that Mr. Carter had switched her medication, which

caused her not to achieve her goal of getting rid of the baby and never letting

Diana get pregnant again.

And then, there was terrible fear.

Fear of Julian.

He hadn’t come to meet her for the purpose she had thought. Rather, he had

come to settle a score.

Still, it sounded like the fact she had colluded with Luke hadn’t been discovered.

Kayla was glad Luke was dead; at the very least, she still had a fighting chance

because of it.

“Kayla,” Julian growled, his patience clearly running thin. “Mr. Carter has

admitted everything. Will you still not admit it?”

“I do! I admit it!” Kayla nodded her head rapidly, and her tears kept falling.

Her emotions swung from terrified to angry instantly.

“Julian!” Kayla screamed suddenly, breaking out of the innocent image she

usually displayed before Julian. Her mangled voice was surprisingly a little

harsh as she said, “Don’t you understand why I did all these things? It’s all your

fault! It’s your fault that I’ve become what I am today!”

Her logic was simply unreasonable.

And yet, Julian had no choice but to hear her out as she had saved him when

they were younger.

“If it weren’t for me back then, you would be dead now!”

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