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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 357

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 357

“Okay, that’s enough,” Julian said when he saw Diana was in a bad mood. He didn’t want her to get
upset. because of him and hastily added, “Don’t feel bad. I’m going to look into this whole thing, okay?”

He would make sure to give Diana a thorough explanation.

Diana nodded. “What about your injuries?”

“I’ll take care of it today.”

He needed to leave the hospital to carry out what he wanted to do, after all, and he couldn’t leave in


“Okay,” Diana said with a small nod. “Go ahead. I’ll wait here for you and get some rest.”

After saying that, she laid back down in the hospital bed, looking like a porcelain doll under the white

There was a beautiful yet heartbreaking beauty to Diana at this moment.

Her miscarriage clearly had an irreversible effect on her.

Julian didn’t dare to stare too long at her. Otherwise, the image of Diana collapsing in his arms on that

day would appear in his mind over and over again.

She had begged him to save Aster and Star, but… He hadn’t been able to save even one of them.

His nose started to turn red; as a big man, he didn’t want to cry in front of his wife. So, he stood and
tucked her in before saying, “No more hurting yourself, okay?”


Her eyes were now bright and clear, and she could obviously see him now.

She could feel that Julian was also grieving on the inside, just the same as her. It showed in his
disheveled appearance and the fact that he hadn’t bothered to treat his wounds. She was confident
Julian would look for an answer to give to her.

Thus, she was willing to listen to him.

Julian soon left. Diana didn’t know how he started his investigation, but he didn’t return to the hospital


It wasn’t until early the next morning that Nina came over with breakfast instead.

“Here, have more to eat, Diana,” Nina said as she opened a container. “I brought two flavors. Pick

one you want.”

The different sandwiches had two types of meat: chicken and beef. Before she fell pregnant, Diana
loved chicken. After she was pregnant, she preferred beef. She also needed to add pickles, which she
didn’t like before her pregnancy, and only then would the sandwich be delicious enough for her. For a
time, she even had an aversion to chicken and couldn’t stand to look at it.

But now, her taste buds had returned to normal, and she didn’t want to eat the sandwich when she saw
pickles poking out from it.

“Give me the chicken one.”

As soon as she said that, tears welled up in her eyes again.

What could she do?

She didn’t want to think about her babies, but life had the knack of bringing up things that would remind
her of them and that things were not the same anymore.

The babies were no longer in her belly.

She ate and wept silently. Nina didn’t know how to comfort her in this situation, except to sit with her
and keep handing her tissues.

“I’m fine,” Diana muttered as she wiped her tears. “I just can’t stop.”

It seemed that crying it out was better than holding it in.

“I know,” Nina said, her heart obviously aching for her dear friend. “I understand. Just cry if you feel like
it. No one will laugh at you.”

Diana felt less upset as the two chatted, and she said, “Julian went to look into Kayla.”

She clenched her fist tightly, her nails digging into her palms.

“I don’t know if there’s anything to find, or if I’m overthinking it, or if Kayla really did set me up in secret.”

“Don’t worry,” Nina assured Diana. “If Kayla really did do something, Julian will find out. I heard Vans
say that Julian didn’t rest the entire night. He’d been sorting out all sorts of details from your pregnancy.
Don’t worry. He’ll definitely give you a clear answer. Kayla’s trapped in the hospital now, and she can’t
escape before things have been cleared up.”

“Yeah,” Diana said with a nod. She chatted a little longer with Nina before gradually falling asleep.

It was dark in Kayla’s ward, and Julian hadn’t turned on the lights. She could only vaguely make out his
silhouette in the dim light from the sky.

His presence was suffocating.


Kayla had already heard about Diana’s miscarriage, and how much importance Julian had placed on


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