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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 356

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 356

Julian was angry.

No, he was furious.

He wouldn’t allow Diana to continue hurting herself this way, but not a word of harsh criticism passed
his lips. Instead, he held her tight and said, “I understand…I do. I know you’re also in pain. Just please
give me some time, okay?”

Give him some time so he could get to the bottom of her miscarriage. He wanted Diana to calm down
gradually, and he would give her a satisfactory answer.

However, he would never let her continue hurting herself like this.

He hoped his embrace could give her some strength. Finally…

She broke down and cried painful tears, as if she were letting out all the emotions she had suppressed
in the past few days. Then, she bit his shoulder harshly. “Julian… Did what happened to our babies
really…really have nothing to do with Kayla?”

Her words were hoarse whispers, and she was barely able to speak.

She was showing her vulnerable side to him.

It looked like she was gradually accepting the truth.

Julian knew that this matter could not be rushed. Diana’s emotions were his priority. Not to mention, he

really did want to check this matter thoroughly.

“I don’t know, either. I’ll make sure to investigate everything,” Julian vowed. “Just focus on resting here,

Diana’s arm was still a little bruised and swollen from getting hit the other day, and it had only gotten
worse after the stunt she had pulled today.

“Okay…” Diana’s eyes were opened, but tears kept spilling out without stopping. “Okay… I trust you.”

That meant she was willing to give him some time.

Julian felt comfort from the bottom of his heart. He wiped her tears and kissed her forehead.

“Get some rest, okay?”

Diana nodded. “If it turns out that Kayla really had something to do with this…”

“If that’s true, then I won’t let her off.”

Diana felt assured after hearing Julian’s promise. “I hope you’ll keep your word if it happens.”

She could accept that Julian favored Kayla more over her, but she would never accept it if he still chose

over their babies.

So this time, she would persist and wait for a fair result.

“Go on, then,” Diana said, finally looking at Julian. Since the two had agreed to continue looking into


matter, this was the first time Diana was really taking in Julian’s appearance.

Her eyes widened in embarrassment on his behalf as she said, “Y–You…”

Pointing at his hair and beard, which was usually so well–kept and neatly shaved, she asked, “Why are
your hair and beard so long?

She could even see hints of blood scabs behind his hair, which was probably left on him on the day of
the attack.

But it also proved that in almost a week’s time since the attack, Julian had yet to deal with the injuries
on his body because he had stayed by her side. Diana’s heart suddenly sank at the thought.

“I’m sorry… I’ve made you sad.”

She should’ve already known that since Julian loved their unborn babies, he would also be sad that
they were no longer around. Yet he pushed the grief to the side, endured everything before him, and
even took the time out of his busy schedule to care for and soothe her.

With mixed feelings swirling in her mind, Diana carefully touched the scabs on the back of his head.

“Does it hurt?”

Julian grinned at the question and replied, “You’re finally willing to look at me.”

Finally, instead of drowning in the grief of losing their children, Diana was willing to look at the outside
world again.

His smile was so sincere, shy, and genuine. Though his appearance was clearly embarrassing and
didn’t match a CEO’s image, it made Diana’s eyes redden the longer she stared. [1

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