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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 355

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Chapter 355

“What do you mean?!” Diana exclaimed, glaring at Julian with hostile eyes. “How could there have
been something wrong with them before then? They were fine in my stomach!”

“You kept complaining that your stomach was sore for those few days. Don’t you remember? It was
actually signs of it…but we didn’t find out in time.”

“No! That’s impossible! The pain was caused by a developing embryo and my stomach expanding!
That’s impossible…!”

It was too cruel to hear those words, and Diana beat his chest frantically as she continued screaming,
“That’s not possible!”

“But that’s what the doctor said.” Julian tried to calm her down. “Diana, take a moment to think. Do you
remember that your tastebuds returned to normal that day?”

Yes, that was right.

Diana hadn’t been able to stomach meat after she got pregnant, but had suddenly gained the appetite
for it the other day.


“What does that have to do with the babies?!”

She couldn’t accept this!

However, her voice soon lowered to a whisper, “It’s normal for tastebuds to change at any time during

Julian pressed down her IV to prevent her from accidentally ripping it out.

“It was my fault. I wasn’t careful enough.”

Julian hung his head low. There were tears in his eyes, but he refused to let Diana see them.

“Just focus on getting better first, okay? We’ll try for a baby again, and we’ll definitely get to hold our


This time, it seemed that the words got through to her.

She didn’t refute his words anymore, and obediently ate the light meal the hospital provided.

Everything seemed to be fine, but once it was night, Diana suddenly shouted, “Julian! You’d still choose
her over the children, wouldn’t you?!”

Her words angered Julian. “I didn’t choose Kayla, Diana! There was never such a choice to make!”

The babies were his flesh and blood. He was also hurt that it happened!

Julian wanted to cry and vent, but Diana was already in that state, so he had to remain strong.

And yet, her question was like a knife to his heart.

“It hurts me when you say such things,” he said.

“It hurts… It hurts you, you say?!” The tears that Diana had been holding back for days gushed out like
a broken dam as her voice climbed in volume. “If it hurts, then why don’t you check what role Kayla
played in this incident?”

The incident with Luke was one thing, but what about the sudden deformation?

Was he sure it had nothing to do with Kayla?

“The doctor said the fetus didn’t have good growth. As I didn’t take care of you in the past and even
repeatedly caused you stress and fright, I’m responsible for a big part of it.”

“Enough!” Diana’s face was red with anger, and tears of frustration continued to stream down her face.”
daily new chapters upload only on alaniniz(dot)com There is absolutely no need for you to excuse
Kayla’s actions to this extent! You can’t possibly be unaware of how she treated me before and how
she set me up all those times! You always made a big deal out of even the most minor thing, then
pretended nothing happened afterward. Fine! I went along with you and swept it all under the rug.”

“But this time, she touched my babies! I want you to look into it, Julian! Is it so hard for you to find out
the truth for me? Is it?!”

Every word out of Diana’s mouth was like a sledgehammer continuously slamming and breaking his

“Before that, I was…!”

There were so many issues that hadn’t been laid out in the open, and it was indeed because he had
wanted to save some of Kayla’s dignity. He also wanted to give Kayla a chance because she was still
his savior when he was a child. He didn’t want to be too heartless.


However, he had known each and every thing that Kayla had done to Diana; the stakes had been high,
especially after he had confirmed his feelings. Thus, he chose to break off all contact with Kayla.

Yet, this time…

Based on all the clues and facts he had found, there were no signs that Kayla had been involved.


“Alright. I’ll look into it.”

Julian was willing to look into the case again, as long as he could get Diana to calm down and not be
so angry. It also gave Diana some time to accept the fact that the babies were gone.

Before he could arrange for it, something else happened to Diana.

She had taken her IV needle and randomly stabbed her arm.

When the nurse reported this to Julian, he thought he had misheard.

He hurried back to the ward, and saw needle holes of different sizes on her arms.

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