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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 354

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Chapter 354

That’s right.

Julian had thought wrongly.

All this time, he had been used to Diana being a meek young lady at his side. He had forgotten that she
was also a hardened woman who had fought her way from the countryside to Richburgh all on her own.

Even during the incident with Luke, all Julian could think of was not scaring her or letting her dirty her


It was better if those kinds of things were left to him.

Yet, he had forgotten that Diana would need to go through those things to soothe herself and vent her


She wasn’t a canary or a fragile flower. She wasn’t a delicate peony… No, she was a tree.

A tall and firm one that stood unfearing against the howling winds.

“I’m sorry,” Julian said in a hoarse voice. He hadn’t eaten much in the past few days, his mind filled with
only thoughts of Diana and worry that she would think of doing something unthinkable. “I didn’t think it

He should have left the disposing of Luke’s corpse to her, instead of trying to protect her all the time
and sheltering her from the world.

A bitter smile spread on his lips. Besides, it wasn’t like he could protect anyone.

He hadn’t even been able to protect his own children.

The once invincible man seemed to have deflated after experiencing this incident, and he had

Julian had become more humble, cautious, and respectful.

However, Diana couldn’t see his maturity now as she was only filled with hatred.

Thinking back to the rainy day she miscarried, she couldn’t forgive herself or Julian.

Her tongue seemed to have turned into a sharp knife she used to lash out at him, as if doing so would
dull the overwhelming hatred that threatened to pour out of her.

“Julian,” Diana said. “Are all of you from big, wealthy families so cruel?”

Julian froze, unsure of where she was going with this. “How so?”

“Clifford killed his own child to preserve the existence of his family, and you… To protect one woman,
you can also ignore the death of your own flesh and blood.”

Diana hadn’t forgotten that Luke had mentioned ‘that woman‘, and she knew he could only be referring
to Kayla.

She needed Julian to find out the truth…

But it was obvious he didn’t intend to.

“Because it’s Kayla, so it doesn’t matter even if she was the biggest factor behind the babies‘ death,
was it?”

Judging from Julian’s schedule that day and how he had been trapped and ambushed, it was
impossible to say that Luke didn’t have any help from an insider.

There was no way Luke would’ve been good enough to get the information he had gotten on his own.

Diana didn’t believe that Julian hadn’t thought of it, but he simply hadn’t bothered to investigate. It even
seemed that was all there was to it once Luke was dead.

No! Diana would never let it go!

Who would pay for her children’s lost lives? They would get justice!

She had to uncover the truth so she could dish out the proper punishment they all deserved!

“It’s not that I didn’t care about it,” Julian started carefully. Since Diana had gotten hurt, he had done

everything he could to deal with everyone who had hurt them. “But Kayla…”


Julian stopped, and let out a heavy sigh before he continued slowly, “You haven’t been eating or
drinking in the past few days, so I didn’t tell you. Your miscarriage… The incident with Luke didn’t
cause it. There were already signs of problems before.”

That was what the specialists had told him after their consultation.

In other words, even if Diana hadn’t gone to him that day, their two children…

Wouldn’t have been saved either way.

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