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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 353

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Chapter 353


Julian knew that the miscarriage was devastating, but…

He hadn’t actually looked into whether or not Kayla was involved.

“Luke’s dead. Our babies have been avenged,” Julian said, trying to give Diana some comfort and calm
her down. “The Pabian family got to him before I did, perhaps fearing that Luke’s actions would
implicate their family. His father killed Luke personally before I could do anything, and Noel took his
body and fed it to the dogs.”

Even though Julian had stayed unmoving by her side, he hadn’t been idle.

The entire Richburgh had been shaken up thoroughly because of this incident.

Everyone knew Julian had lost his children, and they also knew the heavy price the Pabian family had
paid for their involvement in this incident. Though the Pabian family had sacrificed Luke and managed
to preserve their lives, they had once again fallen by a large margin in terms of hierarchy.

The bloodied storm that poured down had disturbed the peace of Richburgh and silently reshuffled the

balance of the major families.

And Julian, the man who stood in the middle of the chess board that was the city, had stirred everything


“The only pity was that I couldn’t kill him myself.”

Luke’s father, Clifford, had taken swift action. While Julian had been dealing with the aftermath of the

incident in the hospital, the older man had collected Luke and disappeared.

When Julian had gone downstairs once to make arrangements, he found that Clifford had delivered
Luke’s body there.

It was an implication that Julian could dispose of it as he pleased.

“Clifford is a really ruthless man,” Julian muttered.

It would be a lie to say that he hadn’t been the slightest bit surprised.

However, Diana didn’t feel any pity for Luke.

The man deserved to die. He reaped what he sowed, and he deserved to have his own father killing

Diana really hoped that before Luke died, he had felt the same desperate pain as her babies…

But as Julian had said, it was only a pity that Luke hadn’t died by her hands.

“His corpse…” Diana hissed as she clutched the covers tightly in her hands, feeling an endless pain
pouring out from the empty hole in her heart. “You should’ve kept it for me so I can feed it to the dogs

She would’ve cut his body into pieces, then fed the dogs bit by bit over the days!

Julian was taken aback by the venom dripping from her voice.


He had told her about it not to make her blinded by hatred, but to ease her mind a little. Yet, it didn’t
have the effect he planned for. He could see that Diana was in a much worse state than he initially

“Julian…” Diana’s eyes were hollow and tired. “I’m not a saint… I have never been.”

Usually, people didn’t mess with her. She was happy to live her own life and not mind others.

But once others provoked her and pushed her to her limits, she wouldn’t hesitate to repay it a
thousandfold and fight back.

And her babies…that was her limit!

They were gone. They were taken away from her in such a tragic fate…

And now… Luke was dead! Not even his corpse remained, and she couldn’t even tear it apart with her


“What right did you have?!” Diana screamed, grabbing the pillow and throwing it at Julian in her fury.
“Wh right did you


wave to deny me my revenge?!”

in so much pain.

It hurt so much!

She felt like so many heavy stones were sitting on her heart and blocking her throat. She wanted to her
tears were stuck, and only the suffocating feeling was left as she tried in vain to get more air.

This was her first time as an expecting mother. The first time she had become pregnant, and with
babies she had been anticipating for the past three years…



Even more unexpectedly, they had been twins! She never in her wildest dream imagined that, and

They were gone.

Though the pillow wasn’t hard, it felt like a hammer slamming into Julian’s heart when it hit him.

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